Move or Copy PDF Pages

Muhimbi’s PDF Editor for SharePoint lets you copy and move PDF pages and reorganize your documents natively in SharePoint Online or on-premises. It features a document editor that lets you move, copy, delete, rotate, and add new pages. Once the PDF is displayed in the Document Editor, you can easily drag and drop pages using an intuitive user interface (UI).

Step 1: Opening PDFs and the Document Editor

Open PDFs in SharePoint

Select a PDF from the SharePoint library and right-click on the three dots menu. Click Edit with PSPDFKit Editor. In the top-right toolbar, click the icon to the left of the magnifying glass to open the Document Editor.

Step 2: Moving PDF Pages

Move PDF pages

Start by selecting a PDF page or pages you want to move. To unselect a page, click it again.

Then, select the Move After or Move Before options in the top menu of the Document Editor and the page(s) will be moved accordingly. If you want to insert a PDF page after a specific page number, click Move in the same menu, enter the number of the page, and click Move again.

Step 3: Copying PDF Pages

Copy PDF pages

You can copy PDF pages in the same way in the Document Editor. After you’ve selected one or more pages, click Duplicate to make a copy of the page(s). The page(s) will be positioned after the original page, but you can easily move the page(s) following the steps provided above.

To save a new PDF in SharePoint Online, click Save and the document will be updated. Alternatively, you can click Save As to download the new PDF document to your computer, and then Cancel to keep the original document in SharePoint.

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