OCR and PDF/A Archiving API and Server Platform

Easily OCR documents using a SOAP-based API with a self-hosted server. Convert image-based content into searchable documents and archive them into PDF/A 1b, 2b, and 3b formats.


PDF Content Made Editable and Searchable

PDF Content Made Editable and Searchable

Quickly OCR hundreds of documents into searchable PDFs. Create automated workflows to convert images, scans, faxes, and more into editable PDFs.

Long-Term Archiving of Critical PDF Records

Long-Term Archiving of Critical PDF Records

Accurately preserve files by converting them into PDF/A format. Choose between archiving PDF/A 1b, 2b, and 3b formats to meet requirements of regulatory bodies.

Extract Text

Extract Text

Extract text from invoices, purchase order numbers, and other identifiable information. Use extracted text as part of a larger workflow process.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR text in images, image-based PDFs, and scanned or faxed documents. OCR makes the content editable and searchable.

  • IncludedOCR any image-based PDF document
  • IncludedCreate high-fidelity searchable PDFs
  • IncludedApply custom tagging
  • IncludedGet barcode values
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PDF/A Archiving

Convert PDFs to PDF/A 1b, 2b, and 3b files to meet guidelines for retaining business records. You can convert multiple file formats to PDF and then archive in PDF/A.

Supported Formats:
  • IncludedWord
  • IncludedExcel
  • IncludedInfoPath
  • IncludedVisio
  • IncludedPNG and JPEG
  • IncludedSharePoint pages
  • IncludedCAD images
  • IncludedHTML
  • IncludedEmail
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API and Server Platform

We provide you with server tools to wrap PDF Converter’s OCR and PDF/A SOAP-based API with objects, properties, and methods in Java, C#, PHP, and Python. Works on Linux, macOS, and mobile. For more information, refer to the documentation and specification pages.

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Ken T

Using Muhimbi for several projects. From the tools our team evaluated, Muhimbi provides the most accurate rendering and flexible attachment processing.

Michael Dockray

Great support to resolve our problem watermarking documents in Power Automate. Solved the issue and gave valuable insights into best practices.

Andrew Wilkie

We've used Muhimbi for 8 years in tandem with Nintex Workflow. The technical support is top notch, quick to respond and eager to assist.

Arren Quigle

As a new user I ran into a technical issue. Yash assisted via chat and screen share to solve it in 2 minutes. It was a user error.


Complex scenario to connect 2 K2 servers to 1 SharePoint instance. Support was very responsive over several deeply technical sessions.

Mikael Råstock

A fantastic product. Watermarking approved documents, merging documents, archiving as pdf/a. Premium support instantly from their helpdesk.

Jari Nguyen

We are really happy to recommend Muhimbi as it reduced development time, and costs to convert email into PDF directly from Microsoft Flow.

Rich Piazza

Yash was very helpful in the whole process from proof of concept to production. Available and willing to work with my team!!!!

Sonia Bilodeau

The call back is quick, and the service is efficient. I felt confident. Thank you!

Jesus Martinez

Had no experience, but a sales engineer listened to our requirements and provided a working solution. Implementation was extraordinarily easy!

Rick Backus

Problem solved in 18 minutes. Yash was very helpful with both support and explaining pricing.

l. Berzan

Excellent product, excellent support with a really quick resolution!

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