Electronic Signatures for SharePoint

Muhimbi’s PDF Editor for SharePoint lets you add esignatures to your PDF directly in SharePoint Online or On-premise. In order to sign a PDF in SharePoint, you need to open your document in Sharepoint and draw, type, or upload an image of your signature. No need to download documents from SharePoint to your local environment or to open a third-party esignature tool.

Step 1: Open PDF

edit pdf in sharepoint

Select a PDF from the SharePoint library and right-click on the three dots menu. Click on Edit with PSPDFKit Editor.

Step 2: Create an electronic signature

sign pdf in sharepoint

Click on the Sign icon in the main toolbar of the PDF Editor in order to sign a PDF in SharePoint. Signing a PDF document in SharePoint with Muhimbi’s PDF Editor can be done in three different ways: by drawing a signature, typing it, or adding an image of an electronic signature:

draw signature in pdf

  1. Using the Draw option requires that you draw your signature by pulling the left-mouse cursor in the right direction.
    type signature
  2. Click on the Type tab to quickly generate a signature in PDF. Choose the style and the color of the font, type in your name, and click on Done.
    insert an image of a signature
  3. To insert an image of a signature into a PDF, click on the Image tab and upload an image file from your computer. To confirm, click on Done.

Step 3: Add the signature in PDF

modify signature

Once you create a signature, it will show up in the PDF document. You can move it and place it where you want, and you can also resize it by pulling the edges of the signature borders.

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