Releases Notes: SharePoint PDF Editor

Listed below are the release notes for the various PDF Editor versions. If you’ve identified an issue that isn’t listed here, please contact us.

Release notes are available for the following public releases:

PDF Editor v1.4.0.0

  • PDF Form Submission: It is possible to define Form Owners that can edit a form and Form Users that can only fill in the form, and the rest of the document is read only for them. The form can be submitted and saved to a configured location. This feature was already available for On-Premises deployment, and now it is available for Online version as well. In this release, there were also some improvements for On-Premises version, which would prevent the user accidentally overwriting the source file by misconfiguration.
  • Export annotations as CSV: From now on, users can configure which annotation properties they wish to export as a CSV file. This feature is available for Online version only.
  • Copy/paste images and text from a local device or a web browser: Users are able to paste an image or text from a web browser, or any document stored in a local computer. This feature is available for Online version only.
  • Improvement in read-only mode: When the trial or a license has expired, or a user doesn’t have editing permissions in SharePoint, the PDF Editor is in view-only mode. With this new release the Save button is hidden as the PDF is not editable in the view-only mode.
  • Override the default print quality: If you need a higher resolution print, now you can configure the print settings. Depending on the quality you can set the quality of the print to be low, medium or high. This feature is available for both Online and On-Premises deployments. See this Knowledge Base article.

PDF Editor v1.3.0.0

  • Link to other PDF files from the existing file — When a user clicks on a hyperlink in the document that’s linked to another PDF file, this file is opened in PDF Editor in a new tab.

  • Electronic signatures can be reused — Any electronic signature (as well as any image) added through the signature tool is cached and will be available again when adding signatures back to the same document or to other documents in the same browser.

  • Implemented shareable links that will open files in PDF Editor — The Copy Links feature is accessible in all product offerings through a button in the toolbar of PDF Editor. Additionally, in the case of the web part and extension, there's an extra option to copy links that's available via the SharePoint context menu. It's important to note that only users with an active PDF Editor license can open the links.

  • Custom stamps can be stored in local storage and reused — These stamps can be used on different documents as long as the PDF Editor is opened in the same browser.

PDF Editor v1.2.0.0

  • Digital signatures status — Signed documents display a banner about signatures, and users receive a warning when a document is modified.

  • Annotation improvements — It’s possible to perform clipboard actions like cutting, copying, pasting, and duplicating annotations using keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, there’s a new undo functionality for annotations, and new annotations are tagged by creation time and username.

  • PDF Editor tabs — PDF Editor can now be opened in a new tab.

  • Unsaved changes — A warning appears when there are unsaved changes.

  • Lightweight co-authoring — PDF Editor now opens a file in read-only mode if another user has already checked out the file in SharePoint. Additionally, if two users are modifying the same document (without checking it out in SharePoint), PDF Editor will attempt to merge the changes from one user when the other saves their changes.

  • Real-time watermarking — If real-time watermarking or securing is enabled, documents open in read-only mode.

PDF Editor v.

  • PDF form creator tool — Create interactive and non-interactive forms by using different widgets: buttons, text, radio buttons, checkboxes, combo boxes, data, and signatures. These widgets have a wide range of options that can help you create different styles of form fields and customize the look of your PDF forms.

  • Text redaction tool

  • Area redaction tool — We added a redaction tool that lets you point, click, and drag over a region in your document.

  • Measurement tools — It’s now possible to measure the distance, perimeter, and area of drawings in a document with PDF Editor.

  • SharePoint metadata in annotations — We added the ability to include metadata in any annotations created in your document. This means that when a user adds a comment to a PDF document, the metadata of the user is placed in the annotation automatically.

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