SharePoint PDF Viewer: Display & Navigate PDFs in your Browser

Muhimbi offers a SharePoint PDF viewer that lets you open, display and navigate through PDF documents in your native SharePoint online or on-premise application. Once the PDF is displayed in your SharePoint browser you can quickly search and navigate through the document using an intuitive UI. The viewer includes a suite of out-of-the-book productivity tools that let you edit, annotate, sign, redact, and create forms directly in SharePoint.

How to view PDF in SharePoint Browser

open pdf in sharepoint

Select the PDF from the SharePoint library and then click on the Open button in the SharePoint main toolbar. You will see the option to Open in PSPDFKit Editor.

In the left top corner of the screen, there is a wide range of PDF viewer options:

  • Quick page navigation and zooming in/out
  • Thumbnails view
  • View PDF document outline
  • Bookmark pages for quicker access and view
  • View and access all annotations immediately

PDF Page Navigation

pdf page navigation

Enter the page number or click on the arrows to quickly display the page you want to view. Use the zoom-in or zoom-out buttons to take a closer look at the content in your PDF document. The hand palm icon can be used to grab the document and move it in different directions. Click on this last icon to fit the page width.



This PDF viewer option gives a sneak preview of your whole document and you can quickly find the page you are looking for. To turn on the thumbnail view, click on the four squares icon in the very top left corner of the toolbar. Click on the vertical line and move it to the right if you want to make the thumbnail view bigger. If you pull that line completely to the right, only the thumbnail view of the document will be visible.

Document Outline Viewer

document outline viewer

By clicking on the drop-down menu next to the thumbnail icon, you will see the option Outline. If the PDF document contains the outline, it will be shown on the left side of the screen.


view annotations

Our SharePoint PDF Viewer is an integral part of the PDF Editor. As PDF editing usually involves adding comments and annotations to the PDF, this feature can come in handy because you can have a quick look at all your annotations. In the same drop-down menu, under the Thumbnails and Outline options, click on Annotations and a list of annotations will appear on the left side of the screen. By clicking on one annotation, it will show you its location and content in the document.


bookmark pdf page

Click on the Bookmarks option at the button of this drop-down menu and then click on the New Bookmark button. Type the name of the bookmark and click on the Save button. This bookmark option allows you to save the pages of your PDF document and then have quick viewing access to them, from the Bookmarks list.

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