Add Watermark to MS Word Files using Power Automate

In this guide you’ll learn how to automatically add a watermark to a MS Word document using Power Automate. You can add text, rectangles, images, PDF files, QR Codes, barcodes and other shapes as watermarks to your Word file.

In this specific example we will add a text watermark to a .DOCX file located in Dropbox and then create a new version of the watermarked file in another location within Dropbox. You can use this example to watermark other standard MS Office formats like Excel and PowerPoint (see file formats we support).

It’s also important to note that in this example we are using Power Automate to watermark a Word file in Dropbox. You can easily watermark your file in another destination like SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, or any platform supported by Power Automate. You can also extend our example by adding additional automation like sending the watermarked file via email.


Before we start building the workflow, ensure all prerequisites are in place.

  1. Make sure you have a full or free trial subscription to PDF Converter for Power Automate.

  2. Naturally, in Microsoft O365, permission to use Power Automate needs to be available to the user as well.

  3. You will need to have the appropriate privileges to create Flows.

  4. You have a Dropbox account and it is connected with Flow.

Using Power Automate to add Text Watermark to PDF

From a high level, the workflow will look as follows:

add watermark workflow

  1. Insert ‘When a file is created (properties only)’ Flow action for Dropbox and select the folder location of the MS Word (docx) files:

    Folder: */muhimbi documents

    when a file is created

  2. Insert ‘Condition’ Flow action and set the condition as follows:

‘List of File Names’, which is the output of ‘When a file is created (properties only)’ action, ends with ‘,docx’.

condition flow

  1. If the step above evaluates to true, add the ‘Get file content’ for Dropbox action in the ‘If yes’ box. Enter the following:

    **File: *‘***List of File Id’, which is the output of ‘When a file is created (properties only)’ action.

list of file id

  1. Insert the Muhimbi ‘Add text watermark’ action. This workflow action can be used to apply text to the foreground or background of one or more pages in the document with full control over the font, style, size and color. The text stored in the content field may contain embedded field codes such as the date or current page number. MS Flow expressions are also supported, which makes it possible for dynamic information stored in workflow variables, or in the Item’s columns, to be embedded in the watermark.

Add the following mandatory fields to the action.

**Source file content: *‘***File Content’, which is the output of ‘Get file content’ action.
Watermark content: Enter the text you want to be displayed in your watermark.
Font size: Enter the watermark font size.

Font color: Enter the watermark font color.

Text alignment: Select the text alignment of the watermark.

Word wrap: Select the word wrap style for the watermark.

Position: Select the position in the document where you want the watermark to be displayed.
Width: 100
Height: 50

add text watermark

  1. Insert the Dropbox ‘Create file’ action after the ‘Add text watermark’ action.

The action has three main parameters

Folder Path: The Path of your destination Folder.

File name: ‘**List of Files Name’, which is the output of ‘When a file is created (properties only)’ action..

File Content: ‘Processed file content’ is the output of action *‘Add text watermark’

*processed file content

You can test this workflow by uploading a MS Word (docx) document to the Dropbox location. This will trigger the Flow after a minute and create a new document with a watermark.

watermark word file workflow

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