Where can I find details about watermarking?

Over the years we have published several blog posts about adding watermarks to PDF files using the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint. To make sure you pick the right technology for your purpose an overview of all relevant posts is provided below.

  1. Watermarking Introduction (Video). A brief overview of some of the watermarking facilities provided by the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint as well as some reasons for watermarking documents.
  2. Apply simple watermarks using the product’s native SharePoint Designer Workflow Actions. This post describes how to use the easy to use SharePoint Designer activities that ship with the PDF Converter to add basic watermarks to PDF files. Please note that this requires at least version 4.0 of the software.
  3. Apply complex watermarks using the product’s native SharePoint Designer Workflow Actions. If you wish to combine multiple shapes together in one or more watermarks then have a look at this post as it describes the use of the Composite Watermarking SharePoint Designer activity. Please note that this requires at least version 4.0 of the software.
  4. Apply Watermarks to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition to adding watermarks to PDF files, it is now possible to watermark Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well.
  5. Apply watermarks using Nintex Workflow. Similar to all our other SharePoint Designer Workflow Activities, the watermarking activity is also available for Nintex Workflow 2007 and 2010. You can find a number of videos in our Knowledge Base.
  6. Applying user specific watermarks when a PDF document is opened in SharePoint. Adding watermarks the moment a document is opened using details specific to the current user, e.g. the time, user name, ip-address etc., is possible using this ground breaking new feature.
  7. Apply watermarks from your own code using the web services interface. Are you writing your own C# or VB.net code? In that case you should consider talking to the Web Service directly in order to apply watermarks. This way you get access to all low level functionality exposed by our web services based interface.
  8. Adding QR Codes using a watermark. QR Codes are pretty cool. Read this blog post for details about how to add them using a workflow, the SharePoint user interface our our API.
  9. Add Barcode watermarks using Nintex Workflow, SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Flow and API. In addition to QR Codes, the Muhimbi PDF Converter also supports various other watermark types including Codabar, Code11, Code32, Code39, Code39Extended, Code128, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, GS1Code128, Code93 and Code93Extended.
  10. Automatically apply Barcode watermarks when files are opened in SharePoint Online.
  11. Only display watermarks when printing. Control when watermarks are displayed, always or only when sent to the printer.
  12. Automatically populate PDF Forms with SharePoint List Data. Populate PDF fields using data stored in SharePoint Lists or other data sources.
  13. Apply simple watermarks using the Workflow Power Pack. Are you using SharePoint Designer to create workflows, but your needs are not met by the basic watermarking activities that ship with the PDF Converter for SharePoint? In that case you may want to check out this post.
  14. Apply complex / dynamic watermarks using the Workflow Power Pack. If you have very complex watermarking needs, but still need to use SharePoint Designer for workflows, then check out this post. The sky literally is the limit when you use the PDF Converter in combination with the Muhimbi Workflow Power Pack.
  15. Apply JavaScript based watermarks to display content only when sending a PDF to the printer.
  16. The PDF Converter User Guide. The product ships with a very comprehensive user guide. If you use the product from workflows, especially in combination with watermarking, then we recommend reading the entire guide, but specifically chapter 5.

You can always see the latest watermarking related posts by requesting all posts tagged with the Watermarking keyword.

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