PDF Converter for Power Automate

Easily convert 100+ file types in Power Automate with our step-by-step guides. Explore additional capabilities to automate your document workflows, like adding watermarks to documents, applying OCR and extracting text from images, or merging multiple documents into one.



Convert MS Office, HTML, CAD, email attachments, and images to PDF. Cross-convert documents like Excel to HTML, InfoPath to Word, DOC to DOCX, and much more.


Extract text from image-based content, OCR PDF files, and learn how to convert scans into searchable PDF documents using Power Automate.


Extract single or multiple pages from a PDF file or extract text from an image using OCR in Power Automate.


Export to PDF in Microsoft Power Automate. Create PDFs from different file formats and export them easily.


Delete PDF pages or change their order, rotate one or multiple pages, add new documents into existing PDFs, duplicate pages, and more.


Combine multiple files into a single PDF in Microsoft Power Automate. Merge different file formats into a PDF.


Split a PDF document into multiple documents using Power Automate. Split by number of pages, bookmark level, text match, or barcode.


Create PDFs in Power Automate. Generate automated flows to streamline your document processing.


Save files to PDF using Power Automate. Create automated workflows that save emails, Excel documents, and more into PDF files.


Extract data from PDF forms using Power Automate, or create an automation that automatically populates PDF forms with SharePoint list data.


Print 100+ file types to PDF. Convert InfoPath files to PDF and print them in batches.


Reduce PDF file size using Power Automate flows and PDF Converter. Improve the download time by overriding a PDF file and optimizing its content.

Document Security

Secure PDF and MS Office documents using Power Automate. Add document encryption or restrict the ability to print and copy content to ensure confidentiality and compliance.

Table of Contents

Build a table of contents for PDFs and merged files.


Archive emails, MS Office files, and PDFs by converting them to PDF/A files using Power Automate.


Add watermarks to PDFs, Office documents, images, and more using Power Automate. Automatically apply different types of watermarks, like barcodes, text, QR codes, images, and more.


Add barcodes to documents using Power Automate. Supports QR codes, Codabar, Code 11, Code 32, Code 39, and more.

Key-Value Pair Extraction

Leveraging AI, ML, and adaptive layout understanding, automatically label and extract information such as phone numbers, IBANs, credit cards, names, and email addresses.

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