Add Watermarks in Sharepoint Using Power Automate

Muhimbi PDF Converter comes with a number of watermarking-related workflow actions, which allow elements such as text, rectangles, images, PDF files, QR codes, barcodes, and other shapes to be added to a document either in front of or behind the document’s content.

In this guide, you'll learn how to add a simple text watermark to PDF files in Dropbox using Muhimbi and create a new version of the watermarked document in a different location in Google Drive.


Before building the workflow, ensure all prerequisites are in place.

Using Power Automate to Add Text Watermarks to PDFs

The following image shows a high-level view of how to add text watermarks to PDF documents with PDF Converter for Power Automate.

add text watermark to pdf

Specifying the Folder

Insert the When a file is created (properties only) flow action for Dropbox, and in the Folder field, specify /muhimbi documents.

when a file is created

Inserting a Condition

Insert the Condition flow action, and specify List of Files Names, which is the output of the When a file is created (properties only) action. It ends with .pdf.

insert condition flow

Getting the File Content

If the step above evaluates to true, add Get file content for the Dropbox action in the If yes box. In the File field, enter List of Files Id, which is the output of the When a file is created (properties only) action.

get file content

Adding the Text Watermark

Insert the Muhimbi Add text watermark action. This workflow action can be used to apply text to the foreground or background of one of more pages in the document with full control over the font, style, size, and color. The text stored in the content field may contain embedded field codes, such as the date or current page number. Power Automate expressions are also supported, which makes it possible for dynamic information stored in workflow variables or in an item’s columns to be embedded in the watermark.

Add the following mandatory fields to the action:

  • Source file content — Specify File Content, which is the output of the Get file content action.
  • Watermark content — Enter the text you want to be displayed in your watermark.
  • Font size — Enter the watermark font size.
  • Font color — Enter the watermark font color.
  • Text alignment — Select the text alignment of the watermark.
  • Word wrap — Select the word wrap style for the watermark.
  • Position — Select the position in the image where you want the watermark to be displayed.
  • Width —100
  • Height — 50

source file content

Creating a File

Insert the Google Drive Create file action after the Add text watermark action.

The action has three main parameters:

  • Folder Path — The path of your destination folder.
  • File NameList of Files Names, which is the output of the When a file is created (properties only) action.
  • File ContentProcessed file content, which is the output of the Add text watermark action.

create file

You can test this workflow by uploading a PDF document to the Dropbox location. This will trigger the flow after a minute and create a new document with a watermark in Google Drive, as shown in the following screenshot.

watermark in sharepoint

Additional Resources

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