Add QR Codes to Documents in SharePoint

In this guide you’ll learn how to create a QR Code in a document using a SharePoint Designer Workflow or a Nintex Workflow .

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are often used by mobile devices to scan and quickly access information. You can also use QR codes to store all meta-data such as a Document ID, last update time, author, and more.

When creating a QR code you need to specify the following information:

  • Content: The content to embed in the QR code. This will need to match the specified input mode.
  • Version: Over the years many different QR versions have been introduced. Select the one appropriate to your needs, either Auto or Version01 – Version40.
  • Input mode: Specify the appropriate mode for your content:
  • Binary: Any value including text, URLs etc.
  • AlphaNumeric: Numbers, (Upper case) characters and SPACE, $, %, *, +, -, ., /, :
  • Numeric: Numbers only Error correction level: Select the appropriate level for your needs: Low, Medium, Quartile, High

Adding a Barcode with SharePoint Designer Workflows (on-premise and Online)

Regardless of the platform, all SharePoint Designer Workflows pretty much look and behave the same, so the following example is the same for MS SharePoint on-premise, Online, SharePoint 2010 Workflow and for MS SharePOint 2013.

The workflow action name to add is 'Add QR Barcode Watermark to PDF'

SharePoint Designer Workflow - Barcode

Adding Barcode Watermarks When Files are Opened in SharePoint

Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online can also add watermarks to a document the moment it is opened with content specific to the user opening the file, for example the user’s name, IP Address, current time or a combination. The settings for the same can be configured in the ‘Watermark Settings’ screen.

add barcode watermarks

You need to copy the content below into the ‘Watermark content’ section of the page and click OK button. This allows ultimate control over the look and feel of the watermarks. This example uses Muhimbi’s XML watermarking syntax.

The Above XML will add a watermark of Barcode type “Code39” that is 100 points by 100 points in size, to the center bottom of a page and the text is the contents of column {ProductCode}.

Adding Barcodes to Documents using Nintex Workflow

In Nintex Workflow, the barcode facility is integrated in the generic 'Watermark PDF' Nintex action. The Workflow Action to add is the 'Linear Barcode' watermarks type and fill in the blanks. Ensure you enable the Muhimbi Nintex actions first before adding this action.

Nintex Workflow - Barcode

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