How can I use the PDF Converter in combination with Nintex workflow?

We recently released the Muhimbi PDF Converter Xtension for Nintex Automation Cloud. You can download it here or learn more about available Muhimbi deployments for Nintex on our product page.

This article is about using Nintex Workflow in combination with the on-premise version of the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint (2007-2019). For details about using the SharePoint Online edition of both products, see this blog post, as well as this one.

The PDF Converter for SharePoint ships with a large number of Workflow Actions for SharePoint Designer, Nintex Workflow as well as K2.

At the time of writing the following Nintex Workflow Actions are available.

This list is likely to change in the future. For the latest Nintex related articles see this link. A short video tutorial about watermarking is available here.

Further information can be found in the User Guide. An example about how to execute multiple PDF Conversion and manipulation workflow activities in sequence is available here. For details about to convert a Nintex Form to PDF, including all attachments, see this blog post. An example explaining how to merge all document in a document library into a single PDF can be found here.

In order to use the Muhimbi Nintex Features you will need to enable this Feature at the Web Application level. In SharePoint 2010 and later the Web Application Feature Management screen can be hard to find, please follow these steps:

  • Open Central Administration / Application Management / Manage Web Application.
  • Select the relevant Web Application and click Manage features.
  • Enable Muhimbi PDF Converter - Nintex Workflow Integration.

If the Muhimbi Workflow Actions are not displayed in the Nintex Workflow Designer then please check they are enabled at the Site Collection Level (In Nintex' Manage Allowed Actions screen). Our software automatically enables them at the Web Application level, but if changes have been made to the Allowed Nintex Actions at the Site Collection level then any changes applied at the Web Application level are not automatically inherited at the lower levels.

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