Fill PDF Forms in SharePoint

Muhimbi’s PDF Editor for SharePoint lets you fill and capture PDF form data directly in SharePoint Online and on-premises. Open a PDF form in SharePoint and fill in text fields, select checkboxes, add dates, type signatures, and more. Once a form is completed, save it back to your SharePoint library.

Step 1: Opening a PDF File

Open PDFs in SharePoint

Go to the SharePoint library and click Upload to import a PDF from your computer, or select an existing PDF from the library.

Click Open from the dropdown menu and choose Open in PSPDFKit Editor.

Step 2: Filling Out a PDF Form

Fill out PDF form

Fill out a PDF form by clicking on the form fields and typing.

Step 3: Saving the Filled PDF Form

Click Save to submit your PDF form to the SharePoint library, or click Export to download the PDF to your computer.

Once you fill out a PDF form in SharePoint, you can also add comments and annotations to the PDF and highlight, underline, or strike through text.


If you can’t edit a PDF form and it doesn’t seem to be fillable, that means your PDF is an XFA form. Our technology only supports AcroForms. However, there’s a workaround solution to fill XFA forms:

  • Click the Sign icon and choose the Type tab.
  • Type the text or numbers you want to fill in the XFA form.
  • Choose the color and font style, and click Done.
  • Drag the text to the proper position and resize it if needed.
  • Repeat this process for each field.

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