Watermarking Documents in SharePoint

Add watermarks to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files in your SharePoint Online and on-premises deployment. Add text, images or barcode watermarks using MS SharePoint Designer workflows, Nintex Workflows or the SharePoint User Interface. Apply multiple watermarks to the same page, to a range of pages, to page intervals or to a certain type of page (such as portrait or landscape).

Keep documents secure by enabling real-time watermarking by overlaying a user ID, full name, ip-address and time stamps. Customize how watermarks are displayed by specifying whether a watermark is displayed once a document is opened or only when a user prints the document. Common uses cases for applying digital watermarks to documents: Displaying the document status in the document (e.g. Draft, Final, Confidential, Embargoed).

Adding user specific info when the document is opened (e.g. ‘Opened by John Miller on 13/7/2020 from IP’). Preventing piracy and unauthorized use, protect intellectual property. Auditing and tracking. Add labels for compliance and corporate policies. Displaying metadata associated with the SharePoint item, or other external data sources (Author, Project name, Due date) Adding template content to all documents, e.g. legal disclaimers or copyright messages. Automatically applying corporate branding such as the company name and logo. Embedding important, machine readable data using barcodes or QR Codes.

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