Configuring Print Quality in PDF Editor for SharePoint

Some PDF Editor users need options for printing in higher resolutions. This can be configured, depending on the type of deployment, by adding a storage entity or setting a SharePoint farm property with the stsadm command-line tool. Print quality can be set to low, medium, or high. When print quality isn’t configured, the default print quality is set to low.

Refer to the information below for details on how to configure print quality in PDF Editor for Sharepoint Online and On-Premises.

PDF Editor for SharePoint Online

  • By default, the print quality is low.
  • The configuration is a tenant app catalog level setting or a site app catalog level setting.
  • The site level overrides the tenant level.
  • It’s only possible to set tenant properties on site collection app catalogs on sites that have custom scripts enabled, i.e. the app catalog needs to exist already.
  • For the tenant level, the property can be set without custom scripts enabled.
  • Use the following PowerShell scripts to change print quality:

PDF Editor for SharePoint On-Premises

  • By default, the print quality is low.
  • The configuration is SharePoint farm-wide.
  • Use the following stsadm commands to change print quality:

In SharePoint Subscription Edition, stsadm isn’t available. Use the following PowerShell script instead:

The Update command is important, because it persists changes.

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