Creating workflows using SharePoint Designer & The Muhimbi PDF Converter

The PDF Converter for SharePoint ships with a large number of workflow actions for SharePoint Designer, Nintex Workflow as well as K2. At the time of writing the following SharePoint Designer workflow actions are available.

These workflow activities support the standard SharePoint workflow engine as well as the optional Workflow Manager introduced in SharePoint 2013 (Starting with the PDF Converter's 8.0 release). SharePoint Online support is available as well using the separate Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online product.

Multiple workflow operations can be chained together by capturing the List Item ID of the output of one operation and use that to lookup an item, by its ID, in a follow up action. This way you can convert a document to PDF and then watermark or secure the generated PDF, all in a single workflow.

Further information can be found in the User Guide. A basic end-to-end example can be found in this Knowledge Base article.

For details about how to use our Workflow Manager actions from Site or Reusable workflows, see this article.

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