InfoPath cannot execute any view-related object model calls. The view is not ready., -2147209125

The PDF Converter provides extensive support for specifying which view (or views) to convert to PDF. This generally works very well, but under certain circumstances you may see the following error in your Windows Application Event log as part of a larger 'Stack Trace'.

"InfoPath cannot execute any view-related object model calls. The view is not ready., -2147209125"

This basically means that InfoPath is not responding to the PDF Converter's request to switch the view. The most likely causes for this are:

  • People pickers are used in the InfoPath form and Internet Explorer (for the Conversion Service account) is configured to block (or prompt for) all ActiveX controls for the Internet Zone.

    As a solution log in to the desktop of the Conversion Server using the account the conversion service runs under (or use a group policy) and make sure the following settings are configured:

    • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Enable

    • Automatic prompting for ActiveX control: Disable

    Alternatively change the form in InfoPath Designer, set the default view to an empty page or page without any people pickers on them and use a 'Form Load Rule' to navigate the user to the appropriate view. The PDF Converter ignores all rules by default and will successfully open the InfoPath form and then apply the standard View selection criteria. As long as the view that is used for converting to PDF does not contain any People Picker controls, it is not needed to change the previously mentioned ActiveX settings.

  • Ink controls are used in the InfoPath form and the Ink controls have not been deployed to the server running the Conversion Service.

    As a solution install the "Ink & Handwriting" Windows Feature, part of the "Desktop Experience" on the server that runs the Muhimbi Conversion Service.

The quickest way to verify if any of these form elements are causing the problem is by temporary deleting them from all views in the InfoPath form (Not just from the view you are trying to convert).

If neither of these solutions help then please stop the Muhimbi Conversion Service, delete documentconverter.log (there is a handy shortcut to the installation folder in the Start menu), enabled Debug logging, Start the Conversion Service and carry out a single failed conversion. Please send the resulting documentconverter.log file to alongside the InfoPath XML data file  and associated XSN file.

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