How do I enable debug logging?

The PDF Converter uses the industry standard log4net framework to write various levels of logging information to a log file as well as the Windows Application Event Log.

By default this information is logged to the DocumentConverter.log file stored in the directory the Document Conversion service has been installed in. A new file is created for each day and the default logging level is set to ‘INFO’.

Warnings and Errors are also written to the Windows Event Log.

You may want to consider changing the following settings:

  • Log file location: change the path of the log file name in the appender element to a location of your preference.
  • Log Level: By default only ‘INFO’ and critical events are logged. To get a better view of what the service is doing, e.g. during a debug session, you may want to consider switching the <root> log level to DEBUG mode.

In the example below we will switch the logging level to Debug.

Open your Muhimbi Service’s config file ( as described here) and change the following from


And restart the Muhimbi Service.

More information can be found on the Apache log4net site.

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