How can I specify which InfoPath view(s) to convert?

Muhimbi's range of PDF Conversion products makes it very easy to select which InfoPath view, or views, to convert.

An excellent post about this topic can be found on our blog. The same information can be found in the User Guide included in the product download.

When converting to formats other than PDF, e.g. MS-Word, HTML or Excel, only a single view can be converted at a time as these file formats do not make it easy to merge multiple views together.

If you wish to convert multiple views into separate files then you can use one of the following approaches:

  • When using our web services interface you can simply make multiple calls, one for each view. The view to convert can be specified in the ConversionViews property in the ConverterSpecificSettings_InfoPath class. For details see the User & Developer Guide and this Knowledge Base example.
  • If you are using workflows then the solution is to define the _MuhimbiViews field as described here and then trick the SharePoint workflow as described in this example.
  • An alternative workflow option is to pass Conversion Specific Settings using the XML based Override facility of the Convert Document Workflow Activity. For details see this post.

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