Integrating 3rd party converters with the Muhimbi PDF Converter

We regularly publish blog posts about using 3rd party command line Converters with The Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint On-Premises and Muhimbi PDF Converter Services. To help you understand the various options for using this and to give you an idea of the versatility of this feature, please find an overview of these posts below.

  1. Invoke 3rd party converters using Muhimbi’s PDF Converter. This post describes how to use 3rd party command line converters, how to enable and configure them, and general guidelines for their use.  Siemens Teamcenter is used as an example to add support for converting hp,hpg,hpgl,hpgl2,plt,cgm and mlr to PDF.

  2. Using Third Party CAD Converters in combination with the Muhimbi PDF Converter. If you are converting CAD files to PDF and require some features unavailable in our built-in converter, this post explains how to integrate Any DWG to PDF Converter Pro or the Acme CAD Converter within The Muhimbi conversion environment.

  3. MicroStation DGN to PDF: Details about how to add support for the conversion of DGN files to PDF.

  4. PCL to PDF Conversion using Muhimbi’s range of Server Based PDF Converters. For those looking to convert PCL files to PDF, this post details how to do this using GhostPCL.

  5. XPS to PDF Conversion using Muhimbi’s range of Server Based PDF Converters. For those looking to convert XPS files to PDF, this post details how to do this using GhostXPS.

  6. Convert any file to a multi page TIFF: This example provides an innovative approach to convert any file type supported by the Muhimbi PDF Converter, as well as third party file types, to a multi-page TIFF file.

  7. Convert obsolete file formats: Details about converting truly ancient file formats including DisplayWrite, WordStar and Lotus Manuscript can be found in this example.

  8. Convert FROM PDF to Word, Excel and HTML: Why convert just to PDF? It is just as easy to convert files from PDF to other formats such as MS-Word, Excel and HTML.

  9. Adding custom Converters to Muhimbi’s range of PDF Conversion products. In cases where a 3rd party command line converter is not available or there are very specific conversion requirements, this post explains how to create your own custom converter and integrate it into the Muhimbi conversion environment.  This does require some programming knowledge, however detailed instructions and examples are given.

  10. The PDF Converter for SharePoint On-Premises and PDF Converter Services Administration Guides. Our Converters ship with very comprehensive administration guides.  Both these guides contain 2 appendices covering these features- ‘Creating Custom Converters’ and ‘Invoke 3rd Party Converters’.

These are just some examples of 3rd party converters being integrated into our conversion products.  Almost any command line conversion utility can be added using the same basic steps detailed in the posts above.

As always, if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our support desk is very friendly and usually answers within minutes.

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