XPS-to-PDF Conversion Using Muhimbi’s Range of Server-Based PDF Converters

Clavin Fernandes

Clavin Fernandes

A quick search online for products that convert one format to another results in a sometimes overwhelming list, with some utilities boasting of being able to convert hundreds of different formats.  Needless to say, most of these products produce less than high fidelity conversions- how can they, when they deal with so many different formats?   Our focus at Muhimbi has always been high fidelity conversions that provide professional quality results- along with a supporting environment that makes implementing conversions a truly enterprise level prospect.  This means we limit the number of formats we convert natively to important ones we can perfect and update when new versions are released, so even some fairly well known file types just don’t make the cut.

Luckily, Muhimbi’s range of PDF Conversion products has had the ability to use 3rd party converters for a long time.  This ability fills the gaps- whether for an esoteric format like HPGL, or a more prosaic one, such as XPS.  Ah, XPS, that wonderful XML based format that was going to wrestle the market away from PDF.  Unfortunately for XPS, the most common thought when someone sees it’s extension is- “How can I convert this into something useful, like a PDF”?  Well, that’s where we’ve got you covered!  Using the Muhimbi Converter and GhostXPS, you can convert XPS documents just like any other.

First thing to do (after installing the Muhimbi PDF Converter of course), is to download and install GhostXPS on you conversion server(s).

  1. Download the latest GhostXPS GPL Release from the Ghostscript website (please ensure you download the Windows Version).
  2. Install GhostXPS in a location of your choice on every server that runs the Muhimbi Conversion Service. Please make note of the location of the installation so you can point the Converter to it.

The next step is to modify the ‘ Muhimbi.DocumentConverter.Service.exe.config’ file as described here and add the following entry to the <MuhimbiDocumentConverters> section.

More details on the parameters can be found here, though you shouldn’t need to change them.

That is all there is to it. Once everything has been configured, XPS files will be picked up automatically and treated exactly the same as all other file formats supported by the Muhimbi PDF Converter.

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Clavin Fernandes

Clavin Fernandes

Developer Relations and Support Services @ PSPDFKit

Clavin Fernandes is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and works in Developer Relations and Support Services for PSPDFKit.

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