Utilize Third-Party OCR Engines in Muhimbi’s Range of Server-Side PDF Products

Several years ago we added support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to our popular range of server side PDF Conversion products including the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint and the Muhimbi PDF Converter Services. This facility is working well for those customers who are using our PDF Converter Professional Add-on license, including some VERY high-profile deployments.

However, some of our customers already have a complex, mature and in some cases very expensive OCR infrastructure in place. They prefer to leverage this existing investment rather than replace it with Muhimbi’s OCR offering, which makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, up until now, it has never been possible to use multiple OCR engines in combination with our products.

That changes today with the introduction of our modular OCR system, and the first implementation based on PrimeOCR. Our default OCR engine can now be swapped out, or used side by side, with products from other vendors. This provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Unified API, all OCR engines are accessible via the same mature and scalable web services interface, which is accessible from most modern platforms including Java, C#, VB.net, PHP, Ruby, Python. No need to try and call directly into vendor specific DLLs.
  • Use multiple OCR engines in parallel to deal with specific document types, or languages, they specialise in.
  • Leverage Muhimbi’s processing pipeline to bring 3rd Party OCR engines to Nintex Workflow, SharePoint Designer, K2 and various programming languages.
  • Combine OCR operations with other functionality provided by the Muhimbi PDF Converter including the ability to convert , Merge, Watermark and Secure files.

Based on customer demand, PrimeOCR is the first 3rd party engine we bring to our platform. If you would like to see your preferred OCR platform to be included as well, leave a message below or contact our friendly support desk.

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