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Both the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online and PDF Converter Services see many new releases each year. The most recent formal announcement was for version 9.10, but as versions 9.11 and 9.12 have been released as well, it is about time for an overview of the key changes.

Key highlights for versions 9.11 and 9.12, are as follows:

Please note that all SharePoint Online versions are numbered in the 9.X range. At the time of writing the most recent version of the on-premise software is 8.4. For those not familiar with the product, the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online is a lightweight subscription based solution that allows end-users to convert merge, split, watermark, secure, and OCR common document types - including InfoPath, AutoCAD, MSG (email) MS-Office, HTML and images - to PDF using SharePoint Online through a friendly user interface or via workflows, without the need to install any client-side software or Adobe Acrobat. More details can be found on the product page .  An on-premise version for SharePoint 2007-2019 is available separately.

The Muhimbi PDF Converter Services is included in the PDF Converter for SharePoint Online, but also available as a separate subscription. Although frequently used in combination with SharePoint Online, it is a completely stand-alone product which is typically used programmatically via its REST based API, via Microsoft Flow, Azure Logic Apps or Microsoft PowerApps. It comes with the same functionality as the SharePoint Online product to convert, merge, watermark, secure and OCR files.

In addition to the changes listed above, the key changes and additions in the new version are as follows:

4266 API Fix Async operation for paging (null reference error)
4126 API Fix API users getting Subscription not found error for SharePoint requests
4136 API Improvement API call security improvements for writing files to SharePoint online
4139 API Improvement Improve error message for REST calls
4058 API Improvement Trim white spaces from the input parameters for API and Workflow actions
4141 API Improvement Allow SharePoint and source file data in same request for all API actions
3991 API Improvement Include file name in 'File not found' error for API Merge action
4145 AutoCAD Fix Upgrade AutoCAD Converter
3033 AutoCAD Fix Cad drawings converted into PDF have syntax issues
2941 AutoCAD Fix When AutoCAD conversions are running in parallel they sometimes fail
1902 AutoCAD Fix Hebrew Font Rendering doesn't work for AutoCAD conversions
3977 Conversion New Add support for XLT and XLTX
4254 Documentation New Documented: Elevate permission does not work on Modern Group site
3926 Documentation New Document how to enable SPFx package on sites
3012 Documentation New Document different ways to use copy metadata action for Flow/API
3064 Documentation New Provide JavaScript sample code for REST API
3907 Email Fix MSG Converter - Content goes missing from beginning of line
3324 Email Fix MSG Converter - UTF-8/UTF-16 encoding issues
2932 Email Fix MSG Converter - Incorrect line spacing
4135 Email Fix OverflowException converting msg file
4368 Email Fix MSG Converter - URLs containing # not converted correctly
4376 Email Fix Some embedded images in a MimeFile email are disappearing
4308 Email Fix MSG converter - Image does not appear
4174 Email Improvement MSG Converter - Fix 'sent date' when converting email drafts
3101 Email Improvement Improve error for 'BreakOnUnsupportedAttachment' during MSG conversion
4377 Email Improvement MSG rendering errors when FitWidthScaleImagesOnly is used
2802 Email New Make it possible to change page size and margins for RTF based emails
4066 Email New MSG Converter - Add support for displaying of Contacts
3976 Email New Conversion of MAPI report emails to PDF (Read receipts, delivery receipts)
4364 Email New Reference error for msg file type containing excel attachment
4067 Excel New Implement facility to un-hide Excel Columns and Rows
3995 Excel New Add support for XLSM to Online
3994 GDPR New Add support for anonymizing accounts
3535 HTML Fix Cannot see List content within Web-part Page using HTML Converter
4217 HTML Fix Strange letter spacing in pdf converted from html
4210 HTML Fix Some websites cannot be converted
4304 HTML Fix HTML based Email conversion is impossible for certain locales
4322 HTML Improvement Improve long running HTML conversions
4084 HTML Improvement Improve error message for converting ASPX files
4284 K2 New Add support for K2 Online
3187 Merging Fix Merged document cannot be saved
3169 Merging Fix Named destinations are duplicated in certain scenarios
3152 Merging Fix Named destinations are lost during merge
3142 Merging Fix Named Destinations with German 'umlaute' fail
4069 Merging Fix PDFLayoutDontCare error during merging
3263 Merging Fix Chinese character displayed incorrectly in merging error messages
3148 Merging Fix PDF.ConvertAttachmentMode=RemoveAll doesn't appear to work
4021 Merging Fix Merge does not throw error when file type is not supported by subscription
4753 Merging Fix PdfNamedDestinationCollection exception during merging
4745 Merging Fix Layering problems after merging certain documents
4750 Merging Fix NullReferenceException in GetNodeCount while merging documents
4218 Merging Improvement Improve support for VERY large merge operations.
4645 Metadata Fix The property or field 'ServerRelativeUrl' has not been initialized
3036 Metadata Improvement Three versions when copy metadata option is selected
2791 MS-Word Fix DIP is not stripped for some MS-Word files
2294 MS-Word Improvement Fix filename field in headers and footers when converting Word files
734 MS-Word Improvement Fix conversion of Documents containing the ASK / FILLIN field
4028 MS-Word Improvement Add DOT & DOTX to all subscriptions that support DOCX
3429 OCR Fix Nullref exception in UnicodeTrueTypeFont.SetSymbols during OCR
3428 OCR Fix NullRef Exception in ITrueTypeFont.GetCharWidth during OCR
4245 OCR Fix GDI+' errors when carrying out OCR on certain documents
4392 OCR Fix 'Bad request' error displayed when operations exceeded for workflow
4657 OCR Fix Error while reading image's width during OCR
4270 OCR Improvement Russian OCR support
2920 PDF Fix PDF/A Conversion - Validation Error - contains action of type launch
1910 PDF Improvement Improve support for merging Acrobat PDF Portfolio Files
3109 PDF New Add support for PDF/A-3B
4260 PDF Secure Fix Security settings does not populate passwords when used inherit settings
4706 Splitting Fix Processed File name' not correct for some Split operations
4076 System Fix Add support for restricted characters in paths
4077 System Fix Improve error messages when dealing with paths
4271 System Fix Empty file extension not recognized
4234 System Fix The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address
4365 System Improvement Implement support for TLS1.2
4311 System Improvement Improve region specific subscriptions
4048 System Improvement Update cross conversion error message in conversion service
3107 System Improvement Improve support for special characters in paths
2565 System New Allow multiple tenancies to be grouped under a single subscription
3885 System New Add 'free' tier to subscription model
3125 System New Allow custom fonts to be installed on Online Servers
4734 TOC Fix TOC generation fails for certain locales
4022 UI Fix SharePoint Online built-in PDF Viewer does not show Trial watermark
3851 UI Improvement Browser’s Back button behaves unexpectedly
4059 UI Improvement SPO subscription registration screen is not responsive
3930 UI Improvement Update instructions on the watermark settings pages for modern view
3908 UI Improvement Improve display of errors on registration screen
3560 UI Improvement Improve messaging in 'Login' and 'Create account' screens
2604 UI Improvement Make convert page more responsive & add indicator for page processing
3957 UI New Create UI for merging subscriptions
2860 Visio Fix Visio hangs on some files
4187 Viso Fix Some Visio files are not converting
3989 Watermarking Fix Font errors when watermarking documents
4236 Watermarking Fix Layers' related problem when watermarking PDF
4318 Watermarking Fix Activating watermarking feature potentially breaks 3rd party customisations
4307 Watermarking Fix Modern view list view attachment error when using real-time watermarking
4025 Watermarking Fix Browser shows bad request for documents containing special chars
4130 Watermarking Fix Realtime Watermark is not working on the modern view list
3936 Watermarking Improvement Add support for watermarking last page
4350 Watermarking Improvement Realtime watermark feature is not working for embedded web parts
3891 Watermarking Improvement Watermark performance improvement for large PDF files
3918 Watermarking Improvement Make real-time watermark URL shorter
4085 Workflow Fix Cannot create GUID during workflow execution
4078 Workflow Fix NullReferenceException during WorkflowOperation
4242 Workflow Fix HTML Conversion error hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character
4237 Workflow Fix Error during merge action when URL is used without forward slash
4198 Workflow Fix Merge workflow folder name contain semicolon shows file not found error

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