Linking multiple SharePoint tenants to a single subscription

Although a subscription may only be used on a single PRODUCTION SharePoint Online tenant, it is not unusual for an organisation to use multiple Development and Test tenants. To make sure that all tenants are linked to the same subscription, and don't expire automatically, it is possible to link multiple tenants to a subscription.

The process is as described below. Please note that instructions for linking a Muhimbi PDF Converter Services Online account with a PDF Converter for SharePoint Online account are different, and can be found here.


Before linking the subscriptions, please make sure the following prerequisites are in place.

  1. The PDF Converter for SharePoint Online is installed in at least one site collection of the primary tenant as per these instructions.

  2. The PDF Converter for SharePoint Online App is installed AND a trial has been activated in the secondary tenant(s) (to be linked to the primary tenant's subscription).

  3. The user carrying out these steps is a ' known-user'. In other words, logged in with the account used to register the trial, or registered by Muhimbi Support at the time the subscription was activated. If the menu links are not displayed on the left-hand side of the PDF Converter's SharePoint screens then please ask the subscription owner to  contact our support desk. The screenshot below depicts the menu.

Linking subscriptions

With all the prerequisites in place, the steps to link the subscription are as follows:

  1. In the primary SharePoint Online tenant, navigate to a site collection that has the Muhimbi App installed.

  2. Navigate to any of the 'Muhimbi screens' (e.g. via Site Contents / Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online)

  3. From the left-hand menu, select 'Linked Tenants'.

  4. Follow the instructions on that screen to link one or more tenants to this one.


Questions / troubleshooting

  1. Do I need to repeat these steps on all site collections?

    No, linking happens at the tenant level, so these steps need to be carried out only once per SharePoint Online tenant.

  2. The left-hand menu is not displayed:

    Your account is not setup as a known-user. Please ask the subscription owner to reach out to our support desk to have your account added.

  3. Can I link tenants before purchasing the subscription?

    Yes, in anticipation of purchasing a full subscription, you can start linking the tenants. Once the paid subscription is activated on the main tenant, the linked tenants will automatically be carried over.

  4. Can I link a tenant to multiple subscriptions?


  5. Can I link multiple subscriptions to a single tenant?


  6. How does this affect the main subscription's remaining operations?

    The linked tenants will inherit all facilities of the primary subscription, including supported file types, remaining operations, maximum file size, etc. Every successful operation carried out by a linked subscription will come out of the monthly allotment of the main subscription.

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