The license has been installed, but an evaluation message is still displayed.

When an Evaluation watermark is displayed in processed documents then the license has not been installed correctly. The most common issues are:

  1. The license has only been installed in the SharePoint License Manager. However, the license file also needs to be installed in the directory the Conversion Service has been installed in. For details see the PDF Converter Administration Guide, section 2.2.4 for pre 8.0 versions and 2.5.2 for the latest software release.
  2. Alternatively you have installed the license for the wrong product. E.g. you have installed the version of the Conversion Service that ships with the PDF Converter for SharePoint, but you have purchased a license for the PDF Converter Services. Although these products are binary compatible, they require a different license. To confirm what version of the software has been installed, restart the Conversion Service and look at the header written to DocumentConverter.log.

As of version 8.0 the license can optionally be specified as part of the installation process. If the license was not specified at the time of installation then the license will need to be deployed manually in line with section 2.5.2 of the Administration Guide.

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