InfoPath Rules / Custom code / Data connections are not executed.

By default the PDF Converter strips out all custom code, rules and data connections when carrying out the conversion of InfoPath forms. This is done for the following reasons:

  1. Performance: forms are converted much quicker.
  2. Security: We don't want to run just any code on the conversion server.
  3. Ease of configuration: The out-of-the-box experience without stripping this information is....let's say... less than optimal due to the extra configuration steps that are needed.

Our recommendation is to run using these default settings and make sure that any data needed for the generation of the converted file is stored inside the InfoPath XML file and, if needed, use conversion specific views.

However, if you absolutely must retrieve the latest data during a conversion / run custom code then it is possible to enable this in the Conversion Service's config file.

For details see the Administration GuideAppendix - Using InfoPath with External Data Sources. Search the same Administration guide for InfoPath specific switches for additional information.

Although we are happy to help, due to the complexity involved in setting this up we don't officially support changing the default settings.

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