Workflow Power Pack 1.1 — Embed C#/VB Code in SharePoint Designer Workflows

Jonathan D. Rhyne

Jonathan D. Rhyne

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I can’t believe it has only been 6 weeks since we launched the Workflow Power Pack for SharePoint. We are getting great feedback from our customers, who seem to universally love the product. The support call from one frustrated SharePoint Designer workflow developer who was almost in tears stood out particularly.

The version released today adds support for the number one user request, which is the ability to add your own custom methods to the code to allow some degree of usability and reduce the size of scripts.  Read this post for more details about how to use this new functionality.

A quick introduction for those not familiar with the product: The Muhimbi Workflow Power Pack for SharePoint allows custom C# or VB.NET code to be embedded in SharePoint Designer Workflows without the need to resort to complex Visual Studio based workflows, the development of bespoke Workflow Activities or long development cycles.

We have been working very hard to write as many blog posts as possible to provide examples of what can be achieved using the product as well as how to integrate the WPP with our other products such as the PDF Converter and URL Shortener. Have a look at the following posts:

Embed C# code directly into a SharePoint Designer workflow

The main changes in version 1.1 are as follows:

743Add Support for Custom methods using Delegates (See details in User Guide)763Trial version causes an error when used after a Pause For Duration activity.

For more information check out the following resources:

As always, feel free to contact us using Twitter, our Blog, regular email or subscribe to our newsletter.

Download your free trial here (1MB).

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Jonathan D. Rhyne

Jonathan D. Rhyne

Co-Founder and CEO

Jonathan joined PSPDFKit in 2014. As CEO, Jonathan defines the company’s vision and strategic goals, bolsters the team culture, and steers product direction. When he’s not working, he enjoys being a dad, photography, and soccer.

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