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One of our key principles is that no one is left behind when it comes to our customers and their SharePoint versions. No matter how old your version of SharePoint is, we will continue to support it by making sure every new feature, where feasible, is made available on all SharePoint versions.

When the PDF Converter for SharePoint was first released, SharePoint 2007 was state of the art. Over the years SharePoint 2010 adoption has grown as expected, but a surprising number of organisations still use older SharePoint 2007 versions. We will not leave them behind.

Naturally we have to look at the future as well, so ever since SharePoint 2013 was released our developers have been working flat out to make sure we provide a first class experience, adopt the SharePoint 2013 look and feel and naturally integrate with other 3rd party SharePoint 2013 solutions such as the brilliant Nintex Workflow.


After all this effort I am happy to announce that as of version 7.0 SharePoint 2013 is fully supported. It can be download from the generic download page. The download contains the SP2007, 2010 and 2013 versions, the installer will automatically deploy the correct version for your environment.

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