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We are happy to announce a major new release of the popular Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint, version 7.0. The main new features are support for SharePoint 2013 and Nintex Workflow 2013, but a large number of other additions and improvements have been made as well. Rest assured that the product continues to run great on SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

For those not familiar with the product, the PDF Converter for SharePoint is a lightweight solution that allows end-users to watermark, merge, split, secure and convert common document types - including InfoPath, AutoCAD, MSG (email) MS-Office, HTML and images - to PDF as well as other formats from within SharePoint using a friendly user interface, workflows or a web service call without the need to install any client side software or Adobe Acrobat. It integrates at a deep level with SharePoint and leverages facilities such as the Audit log, Nintex Workflow, localisation, security and tracing. It runs on SharePoint 2007, 2010 & 2013 and is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. For detailed information check out the product page .

In addition to the changes listed above, some of the main changes and additions in the new version are as follows:

1778CADImprovementAutoCAD Conversion - Empty layout not properly detected1774ConversionNewValidate converter with Office 2013 / 151758DocumentationNewDocument how to invoke the Web Service from PHP1846DocumentationNewDocument ConverterSpecificSettings in Java using Axis21864DocumentationNewAdd Ruby sample code1839HTMLFixHTML to PDF Conversion fails on certain pages using 0.5inch page margins1842HTMLFixBitmapped output in IE81833HTMLFixPixelated HTML to PDF conversion on Win2K31739HTMLNewAdd credential override for HTML Conversion in config file1818InfoPathFix'ClearFormCache' expects English OS1802MergingFixPDF Bookmark targets bottom of page under certain circumstances1825MergingFixUnexpected token Number before 42079 when merging1848MergingFixUnexpected token DictionaryStart when merging file1851MergingFixFatal Error at 109 when merging files1755MergingImprovementCompletely suppress errors when merging1722Meta-DataImprovementOn the merge screen allow the item to be specified where to copy the meta data from1797Meta-DataImprovementCopying named meta data fields fails when any of those fields are globally excluded1808MSGFixMSG to PDF - Regression bug, email renders as plain text1809MSGFixMSG to PDF - Incorrect identification of email type (RTF / HTML)1817MSGFixMSG to PDF - Extra ltrch RTF keywords remain in converted PDF1601MSGImprovementMSG to PDF - Improve line spacing in HTML to PDF Conversion1592MSGImprovementMSG to PDF - Font sizes sometimes becomes very small1658MSGImprovementMSG to PDF - Conversion - Indentation missing1858MSGNewAdd support for SMIME and Clear Text signed MSG files1867OtherFixConverting MS-Word to non-PDF files using the web services interface requires empty strings for open and owner password1731OtherImprovementVerify InfoPath & HTML Conversion in Kerberos environments.1803OtherImprovementCheck parameter names when passing 'override settings'1828OtherImprovementImprove Diagnostics tool for Performance tests1870OtherImprovementThere doesn't appear to be any logging in convert.aspx when not able to connect to central admin1852OtherImprovementClean up Diagnostics tool and add new post processing facilities1775OtherNewAdd SharePoint 2013 support1724Post ProcessingNewAllow PDF Post processing for 'Fast Views' / Linearization1793Post ProcessingNewAdd support for PDF/A-2B1835Post ProcessingNewAdd support for specific PDF Versions1836Post ProcessingNewAdd support for Font Embedding1837Post ProcessingNewAdd support for PDF Viewer Preferences1791SetupFixDuring install loopback check window is displayed in the background1801WorkflowFixFile names with multiple periods are truncated1865WorkflowNewAdd Nintex Workflow 2013 support

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