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The Muhimbi PDF Converter Online is constantly being improved and extended. Similar to many other online services, when a new version is rolled out there is nothing to do for our users. New functionality just shows up, existing functionality continues to work as expected.

Since our previous formal announcement, we have added some interesting new facilities, and fixed / improved existing logic.

The full list of changes can be found further down, but the key highlights for versions 9.14.1 are as follows:

Please note that all SharePoint Online versions are numbered in the 9.X range. At the time of writing the most recent version of the on-premise software is 10.1.1.

A simple 'Confidential' watermark applied to MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF

For those not familiar with the product, the Muhimbi PDF Converter Online is a lightweight subscription based solution that allows users to convert merge, split, watermark, secure, and OCR common document types - including InfoPath, AutoCAD, MSG (email) MS-Office, HTML and images - to PDF using SharePoint Online through a friendly user interface or via workflows, without the need to install any client-side software or Adobe Acrobat. A REST based API as well as Power Automate (Flow), Azure LogicApps and Microsoft Power Apps integration is included in the service. More details can be found on the product page.  An on-premise version for SharePoint 2007-2019 is available separately.

In addition to the changes listed above, the key changes and additions in the new version are as follows:

6156CoreBugSome PDF files in Gujurati and Panjabi cannot be processed.6934CoreBugFix working with PDF Bookmarks for certain edge cases.6935CoreBugFix compatibility for certain PDF files.7111CoreBugCombination of Watermarking, post processing and ToC in same operation is not supported.7129CoreBugBookmarks are missing in Adobe Document Cloud browser viewer.7227CoreBugPost Processing (watermark, security, PDF/A) of very large documents times out.4394CoreImprovementEnable support for 1GB file operation.5358CoreImprovementImprove support for processing Office documents in non-English languages.5437CoreImprovementImprove regional routing for API requests.4698CoreImprovementImprove error message when custom list is used as destination path.4647CoreImprovementUpdate message for file type not supported by subscription.6181CoreImprovementImprove compatibility with certain rare PDF files.6171CoreImprovementImprove email delivery.5976CoreImprovementImprove regional scalability.6900CoreImprovementImprove font support for asian languages6860CoreImprovementImprove error message for incorrect cross conversions7182CoreImprovementAdd support for additional font types during PDF Conversion6494CoreImprovementImprove error messages for unrecognised file types6510EmailFixDisable automatic 'ligature' generation when converting emails to pdf.6178ExcelImprovementImprove reliability of Excel converter for some edge cases.6501GUIImprovementOK and Cancel buttons not placed correctly on Watermark Settings screen.6919GUIImprovementImprove performance of SharePoint Online folder picker.7220GUIImprovementImprove user interface performance for large merge operations.6543GUIImprovementUpdate Real-Time watermarking screen to reflect it works with Office file types as well.6198GUIImprovementImprove error messages on Real-Time watermarking screens.5403GUIImprovementVisual Change to Muhimbi PDF Icons.7197GUIImprovementInclude Subscription ID in SubscriptionDetails.aspx.6542GUIImprovementRename the Watermarking and Security options in SharePoint Online UI.6096GUIImprovementImprove folder picker in SharePoint Online user interface.6152GUIImprovementImprove folder picker for Firefox users.7114HTMLBugFix timeout during size optimisation of HTML Conversions.5465HTMLFIxHTML conversion output is incorrect for sites that don't support redirects for HEAD requests.4617HTMLImprovementSuppress 'working on it' message when converting SharePoint Online pages to PDF.6183HTMLImprovementResolve rare edge cases in HTML Converter.6513HTMLImprovementImprove PDF rendering of SharePoint Modern pages.6544HTMLImprovementImprove scaling during certain HTML conversions.6938HTMLImprovementUpgrade HTML Converter to support the latest standards.7123HTMLImprovementImprove PDF rendering of certain PowerBI reports.6164InfoPathImprovementImprove reliability of PowerPoint and InfoPath conversions under extreme load.6184InfoPathImprovementImprove processing of InfoPath XSN files in certain edge cases.6933MergingBugFix Merging of PDF files for certain edge cases.7076MergingBugFix Chinese bookmark text when merging PDF files.6021MergingFixNullReferenceException when merging certain PDFs containing bookmarks and annotations.6506MergingImprovementAllow overriding of MergeSetting.OmitErrorPages using XML Override.7215MS-WordBugOld style MS-Word (.doc) files without headers may be formatted incorrectly.6512MS-WordFixAllow digitally signed DOCM files to be converted.6177MS-WordFixImprove processing of field codes for Word documents that use revision tracking.5928MS-WordImprovementMake locking Word fields more versatile.6549MS-WordNewAdd support for Document Structure Tags when converting MS-Word and PowerPoint files.7075MS-WordNewAdd support for showing MS-Word revisions as 'Simple markup'.6751OCRBugImprove ability to index OCRed PDFs using ifilter.6995OCRBugImprove reliability of OCR for certain edge cases.7138OCRImprovementImprove error message for OCR operations that time out.6131PDF/ANewImplement experimental support for PDF/a2u (and a3u).6502Power AutomateImprovementImprove text layout in Power Automate actions.6174PowerPointBugConverting PowerPoint files to PDF/A after OCR doesn't always generate valid PDF/A documents.7113PowerPointImprovementAllow PDF Conversion of corrupt PowerPoint files.6009SecurityNewSupport password protecting Office documents in SharePoint Online.6084SecurityNewSupport password protecting Office documents in SharePoint Designer Workflows.6085SecurityNewSupport password protecting Office documents in Power Automate & API.6033SetupBugFix global app deployment to root site collection6014SetupFixFix for 'App not installed' error if add-in deployed with tenant scope.5964SetupFixDeployment of Add-in to root site collection using tenant scope deployment.6923SetupImprovementImprove email address validation for rare address types.3961SetupNewDocument code based SPFx package deployment.6615SetupNewMake it possible to enable app-only access tokens via Muhimbi SharePoint Online user interface.6932SplitBugInvalid file name template not detected during split action.6496WatermarkingBugFix visibility of watermarks for certain rare PDF files.6684WatermarkingBugWatermarks not consistently displayed in Office file formats for certain regional settings.6884WatermarkingBugPDF watermark from Power Automate always ends up in the foreground.7330WatermarkingBugFix Real-Time watermarking on folders with a '.' (dot) in the folder name.5436WatermarkingFixError while saving certain watermarked PDFs.5939WatermarkingImprovementImprove watermarking of corrupt PDF files.5944WatermarkingImprovementSupport real-time watermarking on pinned documents.6092WatermarkingImprovementImprove real-time watermarking on classic view.6093WatermarkingImprovementImprove real-time watermarking on modern view.6097WatermarkingImprovementRename PDF watermark settings for site and library settings page.5420WatermarkingImprovementImprove real-time watermarking from document preview window.4761WatermarkingImprovementSupport real-time watermarking on multilingual sites.5391WatermarkingImprovementReal-time watermarking issue with call out menu in classic search results.6505WatermarkingImprovementImprove real-time watermarking in Search Results.7102WatermarkingImprovementSupport real-time watermarking for all variations of English.4760WatermarkingImprovementImprove real-time watermarking on custom search result page.7074WatermarkingImprovementReal-time watermarking add support for document library web parts on modern pages.6008WatermarkingNewSupport watermarking of Office documents in SharePoint Online.4976WatermarkingNewAdd support for including UserProfile properties in watermarks.6028WatermarkingNewSupport watermarking of Office documents in SharePoint Designer Workflows.6029WatermarkingNewSupport watermarking of Office documents through the API.6030WatermarkingNewSupport watermarking of Office documents through Power Automate.6012WatermarkingNewImplement EAN/UPC barcodes in SharePoint Online.4650WatermarkingNewSupport on-open watermarking for Search results in Modern User Interface6162WatermarkingNewAdd support for the 'PDF watermark type' in Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

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