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Jonathan D. Rhyne

Jonathan D. Rhyne

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Our SharePoint Audit product is no longer available. Instead, please check out this alternative product from our sister company: Aquaforest CheckPoint.

We are proud to announce the availability of the SharePoint Audit Suite version Although this version adds a number of new features, the main focus has been on improving existing functionality, fixing bugs and improving scalability.

For those not familiar with the product we recommend reading the original announcement. In summary, the Muhimbi SharePoint Audit Suite is a suite of tools that allow auditing to be enabled automatically on new and existing Site Collections, Audit Logs to be viewed using a user friendly viewer and Auditing to be monitored using an Audit Monitor. The software runs on both WSS 3 as well as MOSS.

The key changes and improvements are as follows:

563 New: Improved Excel Exporter

  • Now exports in ExcelML format, compatible with Excel 2002/2007.
  • Enables Excel’s Auto filtering by default to allow further filtering.
  • Print area automatically updated to fit all audit entries.
  • Page layout optimised to make the width of the table fit on a single page

478 New: File Audit Log Viewer

  • Users with full control access on a list or library should always be allowed to open the audit viewer for individual files.

137 New: Add page to website to describe all audit events and link to it from the GUI.

427 New: Audit Log Viewers

  • Add Login ID to tooltip when hovering over user’s name.

623 New: Increase number of characters in Description column to 300.

517 Bug Fix: An SPRequest object was not disposed before the end of this thread. This was caused by an undocumented issue of the Site Collection picker. Read this blog posting for details.

475 Bug Fix: File Audit Log Viewer

  • Cannot view audit entries before file is checked in for the first time.

514 Bug Fix: Farm Audit Settings

  • It appears that Audit Mask is set multiple times when applying a new one.

471 Bug Fix: File Audit Viewer

  • Clicking 'Cancel' opens the wrong page.

474 Bug Fix: Doclib Audit Viewer

  • Clicking 'Cancel' opens the wrong page

512 Bug Fix: Audit Log Viewers

  • Selected Audit Events not remembered after validation error.

432 Bug Fix: Audit Log Viewers

  • Clicking Export to Excel does not work unless 'View results' is clicked first.

426 Bug Fix: Exporting the file to Excel results in a warning message.

461 Bug Fix: Excel Export - Seconds are not displayed in the timestamp.


For more information check out the:

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Download your free trial here (1.5MB). You don’t even have to register, but we would appreciate it if you did.

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Jonathan D. Rhyne

Jonathan D. Rhyne

Co-Founder and CEO

Jonathan joined PSPDFKit in 2014. As CEO, Jonathan defines the company’s vision and strategic goals, bolsters the team culture, and steers product direction. When he’s not working, he enjoys being a dad, photography, and soccer.

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