Troubleshooting the PDF Converter for SharePoint Online

This knowledge base article provides answers to common troubleshooting related questions. Answers to other questions can be found in our FAQ.

The 'Convert to PDF' context menu is displayed twice in SharePoint Online?

If our App has been deployed to your site collection directly from the SharePoint Store AND also via your organisation's App Catalog, then this option will be displayed twice. Either remove the App that was installed from the SharePoint Store or update your App Catalog to limit automatic deployment to this site collection.

The 'Convert to PDF' Ribbon button is not displayed in SharePoint Online?

When our App is installed directly from the SharePoint Store, all works well and the Convert to PDF option is displayed in each file's Context Menu AND the Ribbon bar. However, when the App is deployed via your organisation's App Catalogue then, due to security restrictions in SharePoint Online, the option is not displayed in the Ribbon. For details see this Microsoft article.

It is possible to enable Ribbon integration for App Catalogue deployments by elevating privileges and enabling the Muhimbi App Feature named 'Tenant Scoped Enhancements'. For details see this KB article.

'Created' and 'Modified By' fields are set to 'SharePoint App' when using Workflows

When generating files using any of Muhimbi's SharePoint Designer Workflow actions, the 'Created' and 'Modified By' fields will be set to 'SharePoint App'. This is a side effect of SharePoint's security model that is not under our control.

This behaviour can be changed by elevating the App as described here.

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