Muhimbi’s PDF Editor for SharePoint Online Is Now on Microsoft AppSource

Marija Trpkovic

Marija Trpkovic

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PDF Editor

PDF Editor


Muhimbi’s PDF Editor for SharePoint Online has been available in three ways: through a file handler, a web part, and an online extension. And now, as of today, users can install the file handler version directly from Microsoft AppSource.

This version of PDF Editor for SharePoint Online has a 14-day free trial. After the trial expires, PDF Editor won’t stop working, but it’ll become a PDF viewer only. This means you won’t be able to save documents back to SharePoint or download files.


The benefits of PDF Editor for SharePoint Online’s new installer include:

  • The ability to install PDF Editor directly from the website to your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Users don’t need to know anything about JavaScript, PNP, or Vercel.
  • Users will depend less on customer and tech support.
  • New features can be easily added to user licenses.
  • The product will be automatically upgraded — for example, after bug fixes,

Visit our PDF Editor page on Microsoft AppSource and click Get it now to install our app. If you need help with installation, refer to our installation guide or video tutorial. We’ve also compiled a list of FAQs for SharePoint admins that may help you out during or after installation.

13 Reasons to Try PDF Editor for SharePoint Online

If you haven’t yet had a chance to test our PDF Editor for SharePoint, here are 13 reasons to try it now:

  1. Edit PDF files directly in SharePoint without needing to download files, sync them to OneDrive, or convert them to Word.
  2. Process a high volume of documents, and the data can be edited from anywhere, on any device.
  3. Speed up document review workflows by adding notes, comments, and other annotations on PDFs in SharePoint.
  4. Build new documents by adding new pages, changing page order, and deleting redundant pages.
  5. Easily add, replace, and resize images in your PDFs.
  6. Copy, rotate, crop, drag, and drop pages into a PDF.
  7. Fill out and build new forms from scratch with radio buttons, combo boxes, list boxes, and other form creator tools. Customize form field behavior and styling.
  8. Save time by signing PDFs directly in SharePoint instead of opening a third-party tool. Embed signature fields or use the signature feature to sign PDF forms electronically.
  9. Edit and annotate the same document with your colleagues at the same time.
  10. Watch everyone’s changes in the document for improved efficiency. You can apply annotations using different colors, and a user’s information is automatically shown in each annotation.
  11. Add stamps, links, and shape annotations, and highlight text.
  12. Measure the distance, perimeter, and area of drawings in a document.
  13. Redact sensitive information and save it directly back to SharePoint.

In addition to the 14-day trial of our PDF Editor available on AppSource, you can also explore our other free trial options. These aren’t limited in time, but note that the files are watermarked.

Additionally, see how Muhimbi’s PDF Editor compares to Adobe and take advantage of our new features in your document management workflows.


Marija Trpkovic

Marija Trpkovic

Product Marketing Manager

Marija is a product marketing manager who likes to launch new products and features and target the right people with them. Outside of work, she likes spending time outdoors with her family and dogs.

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