PDF Converter Services 5.0 — New AutoCAD, TIFF, and PDF Merging Support

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Earlier this week we released version 5.0 of the PDF Converter for SharePoint, which ships with an improved version of our popular PDF Conversion engine. Today we are releasing an update to the standalone version of the Muhimbi PDF Converter Services that includes all new functionality such as AutoCAD and TIFF conversions as well as the ability to convert and merge multiple files.

The main new features are as follows:

If you can’t wait to give it a go then proceed straight to the download link at the end of this post. Read on for a full list of all changes and improvements.


New PDF Merging related classes of the Web Services Interface.

A quick introduction for those not familiar with the product: The Muhimbi PDF Converter Services is an ‘on premises’ server based SDK that allows software developers to convert typical Office files to PDF format using a robust, scalable but friendly Web Services interface from Java and .NET based solutions. It supports a large number of file types including MS-Office and ODF file formats as well as HTML, AutoCAD and Image based files and is used by some of the largest organisations in the world for mission critical document conversions. In addition to converting documents the product ships with a sophisticated watermarking engine, PDF Merging facilities and the ability to secure PDF files. A separate SharePoint specific version is available as well.

In addition to the changes listed above, some of the main changes in the new version are as follows:

1325Fix - Improve watermark random positioning.891New - Add support for merging of documents to the Web Services Interface.1014New - Add support for converting TIFF files to PDF.1051New - Add support for converting AutoCAD files to PDF.1230New - AutoCAD Conversion - Add Greyscale and automatic recolouring options.1262New - AutoCAD Conversion - Add Configurable page margins.1243New - AutoCAD Conversion - Add support for Converter Specific Settings.1244New - AutoCAD Conversion - Add support for 3D based CAD drawings.1212Fix - Occasional RPC_E_SERVERCALL_RETRYLATER when converting InfoPath 2010 form.1303New - Add support for custom page sizes, margins and page orientation to the HTML converter.

For more information check out the following resources:

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Download your free trial here (8MB). .

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