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During the previous 8+ years we have made it a habit to announce new software releases – for our on-premise software – at the time it became available for download. However, because releasing updates for an online service, where we maintain the entire back-end, doesn’t require any end-user involvement, we haven’t always done such a good job where it comes to announcing new versions of the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online / Office 365.

That changes today as we formally announce the availability of version 9.8, the 8th release since the product first became available in June 2015. An overview of all recent and historical changes can be found below.

Please note that all SharePoint Online versions are numbered in the 9.X range. At the time of writing the most recent version of the on-premise software is 8.1.

The number of new features and changes is almost too large to list, but include support for Site Workflows, Reusable workflows, the ability to install the App in SharePoint 2013 / 2016, support for the new Document Library experience, real-time watermarking, a brand new website for SharePoint Online and much much more.

The following blog posts provide more detail:

If you are an existing customer, or installed a trial version before October 2016, then we recommend upgrading the App and installing the latest workflow actions. (Especially as Microsoft has deprecated certain types of sandbox solutions and caused some issues when they introduce the new Document Library experience) For those not familiar with the product, the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online is a lightweight subscription based solution that allows end-users to merge, split, watermark, secure, OCR and convert common document types - including InfoPath, AutoCAD, MSG (email) MS-Office, HTML and images - to PDF using SharePoint Online through a friendly user interface or via workflows, without the need to install any client side software or Adobe Acrobat. More details can be found on the product page .

Muhimbi App Store Deploy App Store Add-in to SharePoint Online or on-premise.

In addition to the changes listed above, some of the main changes and additions in the new version are as follows:

2751 Workflow Fix The 'Split' Workflow action does not recognise the default 'interval' value.
2781 Workflow Fix The List ID variable is not created by merge activity for some tenancies.
2677 Workflow Fix Workflow actions not displayed for SPD reusable workflow.
2580 Workflow Fix Workflow action error - String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
2695 Workflow Improvement Improve support for reusable workflows.
2849 Workflow Improvement Remove unused DLL from the SPO Workflow actions WSP.
2300 Workflow Improvement Update ?Created By? and ?Modified By? field with current user name.
2688 Workflow Improvement Add support for Macros / Merge fields in watermarking workflows.
2771 Workflow New Add support for Site Scoped workflows.
2362 Workflow New Add support for the new QR code watermark activity.
2885 Watermarking Fix Date filter for on-open watermark is not working as expected.
2829 Watermarking Fix Invalid current time in PDC.
2878 Watermarking Fix Numerical and currency values not rendered correctly in watermark on sites that use a comma as a decimal separator
2889 Watermarking Fix Boolean filter doesn't work under all circumstances.
2870 Watermarking Fix Watermark does not show correct time for non-English sites.
2652 Watermarking Fix Filtering on Boolean does not work as expected
2679 Watermarking Fix REMOTE_HOST value is not displayed correctly.
2722 Watermarking Fix Watermark on-open fails for users having permission on library, but not on site.
2683 Watermarking Improvement Numerical values are not formatted as per user/web local settings.
2879 Watermarking Improvement Filtering settings are not displayed or stored in region independent format.
2869 Watermarking Improvement Watermarking does not show values as per regional settings of user and web.
2691 Watermarking Improvement Improve performance of real-time watermarking.
2697 Watermarking Improvement Add support for filtering on site groups.
2698 Watermarking Improvement Add support for filtering on managed metadata.
2553 Watermarking Improvement Add support for QRCode elements in composite watermarks.
2877 Watermarking New Add support for real-time watermarking for List Attachments.
2226 Watermarking New Add support for Real time watermarking / security.
2899 UI Fix Fix Convert Button in 'ribbon' of new doclib experience.
2756 UI Fix The 'Include SharePoint Meta-data' checkbox is not ticked when merging.
2759 UI Fix Watermarking Filter field names are duplicated after several post backs.
2768 UI Fix Leaving conversion screen open for a few minutes results in an error.
2873 UI Fix Convert to PDF 'ribbon' entry is present, but doesn't work in SharePoint's new Doclib Experience.
2766 UI Fix Folder picker stuck on 'please wait..' (when user has no access on parent site).
2714 UI Fix Occasional 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when merging.
2758 UI Fix Text is incorrect on PDF Security screen.
2761 UI Fix Browse button' doesn't work when specified path doesn't exist.
2760 UI Improvement Admin Links need to be displayed on all Muhimbi screens.
2763 UI Improvement The Error message for invalid filename needs fixing.
2676 UI Improvement Watermarking xml validation message text changes.
2680 UI Improvement Improve error messages around invalid XML Watermarks.
2692 UI Improvement Revise sorting mechanism in merge screen.
2668 UI Improvement Improve error message when unable to read file because of invalid url.
2573 UI Improvement Allow files to be sorted using dropdown menu.
2285 UI Improvement Show file icons in a merge screen.
2280 UI New Add support for friendly 'Browse folder' button.
2769 System Fix Random 'The given key was not present in the dictionary' error.
2770 System Fix Automatic check in behaviour is incorrect on libraries requiring check-out.
2876 System Fix Output to a sub folder doesn't always use the specified destination folder.
2607 System Fix Invalid folder error while converting file.
2693 System Fix Investigate issues with output paths.
2740 System Fix Error when converting: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerException: Column 'ServerRedirectedEmbedUrl' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.
2745 System Fix 'PDF Converter no longer installed' when it actually is (via App catalog).
2602 System Fix Unexpected error while converting large (>50mb) files.
2550 System Fix Error while converting on libraries with required columns AND require check out.
2709 System Improvement Maintain 'Modified by' and 'Created by' values when file is added or edited.
2687 System Improvement Encrypt settings.
2463 System Improvement Optimise Table of Content (TOC) facility for SharePoint Online.
2533 System Improvement '+' character is allowed in SharePoint file names, but not in the PDF Converter.
2705 System New Add support for grouping Prod, Dev and Test Tenancies.
2689 System New Add support for reading regional settings from current user profile.
2777 Subscription Fix When out of monthly operations users can?t go to the ?info? or admin screens.
2752 Subscription Fix When WM On open file size exceeds subscription, no error is displayed.
2614 Subscription Fix Activation page blank screen.
2686 Subscription Improvement Improve messaging in emails when 100% of monthly allowance has been used.
2574 Subscription Improvement Subscription activation email was not sent because of socket error.
2541 Subscription Improvement Change the message shown when subscription activation link clicked twice.
2453 Subscription New Send email alerts to customer when usage reaches 75% & 100%.
2733 Setup Fix User cannot activate watermarking feature on French sites.
2303 Setup Improvement Ribbon button cannot be deployed using Tenancy scope app deployment
2322 Setup New Allow PDF Converter APP / Add-in to be installed in on-premise environments.
2701 Setup New Add feature to enable ribbon control on deployments made via App Catalog.
2673 Security New Add support for blocking access to PDF on Open / Filter by IP.
2702 Metadata Improvement Add support for copying Enterprise Keyword metadata.
2699 Metadata Improvement Add support for copying InfoPath based metadata.
2765 Merging Improvement Change 'File format not supported' when converting / merging multiple files.
2364 Documentation New Create a KB article for 'settings link' under remote web.
2635 Documentation New Add KB Entry about elevating App permissions & real-time watermarking.
2568 Conversion New Add PS files to Professional and Higher level Subscriptions.
2290 Conversion New Add support for converting InfoPath & Formotus forms.

For more information check out the following resources:

As always, feel free to contact us using Twitter, our Blog, regular email or subscribe to our newsletter.

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