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In addition to releasing new versions of the on-premise editions of our popular PDF Converter for SharePoint and PDF Converter Services (for C#, Java, PHP), our team has been working hard on a new PDF Converter for SharePoint Online release.

The latest release, version 9.10, was rolled out last weekend and will have reached all our customers by the time you read this. As our servers deal with an ever increasing number of customers we have made considerable improvements in the area of scalability and long running operations.

Although I am sure it will make everyone sleep better at night, scalability and reliability is no fun from an end-user perspective. However, what is fun - within reason - is our new facility to convert SharePoint Online pages (List Items, Wiki pages and other SharePoint Online URLs) to PDF. Not only from the SharePoint Online user interface, but also via SharePoint Designer Workflows, Microsoft Flow and our REST based API.

Please note that all SharePoint Online versions are numbered in the 9.X range. At the time of writing the most recent version of the on-premise software is 8.3. If you are an existing customer, or installed a trial version before mid-October 2017, then we recommend installing the latest workflow actions for the best possible experience. For those not familiar with the product, the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online is a lightweight subscription based solution that allows end-users to merge, split, watermark, secure, OCR and convert common document types - including InfoPath, AutoCAD, MSG (email) MS-Office, HTML and images - to PDF using SharePoint Online through a friendly user interface or via workflows, without the need to install any client-side software or Adobe Acrobat. More details can be found on the product page .

SP Online UI ConversionNew SharePoint Online List Item Conversions

In addition to the changes listed above, the key changes and additions in the new version are as follows:

3098 API Improvement Some API request from Nintex Workflow for O365 generate 'HTTP 400' errors
3603 HTML Improvement Add new HTML converter to Microsoft Flow
3100 HTML New Implement new HTML Converter in SharePoint Online
2976 HTML New Add Web Page conversion to SharePoint Online's user interface
3605 Merging Fix Merge action does not detect invalid file during conversion
3147 Metadata Fix Implement workaround for 'The property or field 'Title' has not been initialized'
3853 OCR Fix Chinese characters in workflow and API show up as '?'
3378 OCR Fix Fix encoding issues of OCR operations
3558 OCR Improvement Improve long running OCR operations
3569 Security Improvement Enable HTTPS for all workflow actions
3611 System Fix Implement workaround for 'Error while retrieving settings from List'.
2999 System Improvement Expose converter specific settings introduced in back-end, to front-end
2875 System Improvement Always send alert emails to primary contact
2881 System Improvement Improve reliability during (very) Long Running Operations
3121 UI Fix Site owners cannot convert from sub-site to first level parent site in 'picker'
3474 UI Improvement Show 'Please wait' message for long running operations
3585 UI Improvement Conversion does not work when a mix of valid and invalid files is selected
3163 UI Improvement File name validation skipped when batch converting files
3078 UI Improvement Remove specialised SharePoint document libraries from folder picker
3111 UI Improvement Reduce latency on Merge screen during post backs
3102 UI Improvement Add 'Document Set' Icon to Muhimbi folder picker
3445 UI Improvement 'Operation size exceeded' message does not show actual size
2894 Watermarking Fix Numerical filter is fixed on 2 decimal places
3051 Watermarking Improvement Implement real-time watermarking for Modern View pages
3075 Watermarking Improvement Tighten security in real-time watermarking facility
3564 Workflow Improvement Improve reliability of unstable Microsoft Workflow Manager instances
3079 Workflow Improvement Improve long running SharePoint Designer workflows

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