Converting MSG based Calendar entries to PDF including embedded content

When we first started investigating the conversion of email based files (MSG, EML) we had a good look at the market to see if there was anything ‘out there’ that we could license. Although there were some development libraries on the market that provided part of the solution, to our surprise there was no single capable MSG to PDF Converter on the market, at least not one that did an acceptable job (We have very high standards).

So we did what we always do, rolled up our sleeves and spent the usual cycle of building, testing, listening to our customers and improving some more. Rinse and repeat for a couple of years resulting in the most capable, flexible and - dare I say it – prettiest Email to PDF Converter on the market. It wasn’t easy, believe me, but it works great and happily churns through millions of emails, especially in organisations subject to document retention regulations.

Once you have built a great foundation and products like the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint and PDF Converter Services (for Java, PHP, Ruby, C#, .NET), companies actually start using it, and naturally ask for more. Oh those pesky customers, how much we.. love.. them. One of our customers recently remarked that calendar entries don’t look particularly great when converted to PDF. “ Calendar Entries????” we had not realised that people wanted to convert all kinds of MSG files, not just regular emails.

So, once again we sat down and improved our email converter in the following areas:

  • Converting Calendar entries & Meeting requests to PDF.
  • Conversion of embedded content (OLE) such as Excel sheets.
  • Compatibility for MSG files generated by third party (non-Outlook) libraries.
  • Bug fixes for internationalisation


Example of a converted Calendar entry.

Naturally the new Calendar converter will automatically benefit from all other facilities provided by our MSG & EML converter including conversion of digitally signed files, conversion (and merging) of attachments, support for rich HTML &, RTF content as well as support for many character sets and languages.

For more details about our Email converter see the original announcement.

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