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Jonathan D. Rhyne

Jonathan D. Rhyne

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It has taken a good year to go from the initial idea to the full blown company launch, complete with a rich e-commerce website, full time employees, multiple products under development and a beta version of the first product available for download. But here we are and we are pretty pleased with what our hard work, dedication and countless sleepless nights have achieved.

Starting a real and proper company is not easy and we would like to thank our web developers, product developers, translators, accountants, solicitors, design agency, bank manager, merchant account provider, payment processor and all other staff for their hard work. In no particular order: Loretta, Hammad, Simon, Nishit, Lewis, Pradeep, Marianna, Milind, Mark, Fodina, David, Rajeev, Rachel, Prachi, John, Bibin, Mike, Shimmena, Supriya and Marco.

So, what does Muhimbi do? According to our home page “ Muhimbi Ltd is a provider of shrink wrapped solutions for the SharePoint market. All our products, including PDF Converters and Audit Log Management Tools, are designed for both MOSS and WSS 3 and are available in a number of different languages.”. That pretty much sums it up, we are not a consultancy company, we focus 100% on the development and support of quality products for the Global SharePoint market.

Our first product, a PDF Converter for SharePoint, will be released as a downloadable beta version in the next day or so. We will announce the availability on our Blog as well as our Twitter stream, so make sure you subscribe to our feeds.

We have a healthy product pipeline with over a dozen products on the way and we intend to release our second commercial product in the next month. All product announcements, as well as general purpose articles and news items, will be posted to this Blog. We intend to keep our postings interesting and will avoid spamming you with commercial messages. Naturally we may want to plug our products to you from time to time.

Feel free to contact us using any of the means on the Contact Us section, including Blog comments, Twitter, our support forums or even old fashioned email.

Thanks for visiting our site, we hope you will find our products useful.

The Muhimbi Team.

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Jonathan D. Rhyne

Jonathan D. Rhyne

Co-Founder and CEO

Jonathan joined PSPDFKit in 2014. As CEO, Jonathan defines the company’s vision and strategic goals, bolsters the team culture, and steers product direction. When he’s not working, he enjoys being a dad, photography, and soccer.

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