What is the difference between the Trial and Free Subscription

In addition to a 30 day fully functional trial version, a completely free version of both the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online and Muhimbi PDF Converter Services Online is available as well.

Differences between Free and Trial versions

Although Free and Trial subscriptions may appear to be similar concepts, they are aimed at different audiences.

In general, the Trial should be used when evaluating the product with the intention to purchase a full subscription. This version provides a large number of operations for 30 days with the ability to use all functionality provided by the product. However, generated documents include an evaluation watermark.

The Free version is aimed at users who only need very basic functionality and a modest number of operations per month. Documents generated using the Free subscription DO NOT include an evaluation watermark.

Input File TypesExtendedStandard
Output File TypesAllPDF
Operation Size25MB2MB
Monthly Operations60075
OCRIncludedNot Included
PDF/AIncludedNot Included
Data Centre LocationOur ChoiceOur Choice
Support Response TimeRegularLimited
Evaluation WatermarkIncluded-
Duration30 days1 year
Accounts allowed per org101

\* For a definition of the various terms, see this page.

Signing up for different subscriptions

The first time our software is used, you will be asked to choose between the Trial and the Free subscription. Although the way things look may differ slightly depending on how the software is being used, the message is always the same.


Carefully consider your situation and select the appropriate subscription type. If you select the incorrect subscription then please contact our support desk. Please note that you can switch subscription types only once.

It is not permitted to sign up for multiple Free or Trial subscriptions. We reserve the right to disable Free and Trial subscriptions if we feel that they are being used in an inappropriate way or for illegal purposes.

Extending subscriptions

The Trial subscription expires after 30 days. If you require more time to evaluate the software then contact our support desk to request an extension. The Trial subscription can be extended once.

The Free subscription is valid for one year. You will not be notified when it is about to expire, if you wish to continue to use this free service then contact our support desk from 30 days before the expiry date (not earlier). If you choose to let your subscription lapse then your operations will cease to function upon the anniversary of the subscription.

Paid subscriptions are subject to different terms. For these subscription types your account manager will reach out around 2 months before the expiry date to arrange renewal.

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