Using the PDF Converter from PowerShell

Please note that this Knowledge Base article is about using PowerShell with the 'on-premise' version of the Muhimbi PDF Converter. A PowerShell example for our online - subscription based - service can be found here.

A basic example of how to convert a file to PDF using PowerShell can be found in this 3rd party blog post.

This example invokes our 'Convert' method, and can easily be modified to deal with document merging, watermarking, applying PDF security and even OCR. Although we provide no PowerShell sample code for those scenarios, as PowerShell is similar to other .NET environments have a look at our generic code samples.

The PowerShell sample linked to above does not use PowerShell's built in web services facilities ( New-WebServiceProxy), as that makes things very difficult when dealing with complex web services such as the one exposed by the Muhimbi PDF Converter.

Instead the sample uses the pre-generated proxy DLLs that ship alongside our software. They can be found in the folder where the Conversion Service has been deployed to (See the Muhimbi Document Converter/Open Installation Folder shortcut in the Windows start menu).

For details about how to use the various objects and methods see this KB Article.

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