Power Automate - Manually installing Muhimbi PDF integration

Please note that Muhimbi's PDF Converter is available as a standard Power Automate connector. There is no need to manually follow the installation steps below unless you have been instructed by our support team to do so. To get started with our software, just use Power Automate's Add an action facility, search for 'Muhimbi' and choose the action of your choice, e.g. 'Convert Document'.

If you have been asked to manually deploy our API into Power Automate then follow these steps:

  1. Download the 'Swagger' file.

  2. Download the Muhimbi icon.

  3. Login to Power Automate and navigate to the Custom APIs page.

  4. Click 'Create custom API' and fill out the following details

    • Import Swagger: Select the file downloaded as part of step #1
    • Upload icon: Select the file downloaded as part of step #2
    • Click 'continue' to proceed to the next page.
    • Client ID: PPF29A64-8D58-4092-A64A-04A0E7CEAE7B
    • Client Secret: ppcdefghilmnbpqrstuvzabrstuvzabchgldpnkmngrreweds=
    • Authorization URL: https://api.muhimbi.com/auth/pages/authorize.aspx
    • Token URL: https://api.muhimbi.com/auth/pages/gettoken.aspx?grant_type=authorization_code
    • Refresh URL: https://api.muhimbi.com/auth/pages/gettoken.aspx?grant_type=refresh_token
    • Scope: Leave empty
  5. At the top of the page change the default 'muhimbi pdf' name to 'Muhimbi PDF Custom' to avoid conflicts with Microsoft's official Muhimbi integration facility.

  6. Click the 'V' sign at the top of the page to create the API definition. You may need to refresh the page afterwards as new API definitions don't always show up immediately.

With the new 'API' configured it is time to setup a connection between Power Automate and your Muhimbi account (Including registering for a new account):

  1. Navigate to Power Automate's Connections screen.

  2. Click 'Create connection' (+ icon) to display the list of services that can integrate with Power Automate.

  3. Navigate to (or search for) the Muhimbi service that you set up earlier, and click the '+' icon. Please note that multiple 'Muhimbi' entries may be displayed so make sure you select the appropriate one.

  4. You now have the option to log in using an existing account, or create a new account by setting up a trial subscription.

  5. The steps to create a new account are self-describing. However, please keep in mind that if you are an existing subscriber for the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint Online, you can attach your new account to your existing subscription by entering your SharePoint Tenant ID. Providing a paid subscription is found for the SharePoint tenant, your Power Automate connector will be fully activated at no charge.

  6. When setting up a new account, an approval email will be sent to either the email address specified when registering or - in case a SharePoint Online Tenant ID is entered - the person in your organisation who looks after your Muhimbi SharePoint Online subscription. If that person is unable to approve the request then you will not be able to use your new Power Automate connector account

Once the new account has been verified, by clicking the link in the confirmation email, you are ready to go. Have a look at these tutorials, as well as this article on our Flow actions' core concepts, to see how easy it is to create a basic workflow.

Please contact our friendly support desk if you have any questions.

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