Installing WSP in SharePoint 2013 running 2010 legacy mode

SharePoint 2013 comes with the ability to run site collections in SharePoint 2010 legacy mode. This allows customers to migrate to SharePoint 2013 without any (obvious) change to the end-users.

Unfortunately, many 3rd party SharePoint solutions do not support this 'SP2010 legacy mode', or require extra deployment steps.

Please find below instructions for how to deploy the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint to site collections that run in SP2010 legacy mode. Please note that these steps are only needed if you would like to use the Muhimbi PDF Converter User Interface. There is no need to carry out these steps to leverage Muhimbi's software using SharePoint Designer Workflows or Nintex Workflow.

  1. Please make sure the software is installed exactly as described in chapter 2 of the Administration Guide. Please follow that guide to the letter and make sure you pay good attention to the section about 'dependencies’.

  2. Make sure to check central admin => system settings => manage farm solutions. The muhimbi.pdfconverter.sp2013-2016.wsp should have been installed and deployed.

  3. If an existing SP2010 site collection is not yet in place, create a new site collection using the SP2010 template.

  4. Check the site collection features, it should not show any Muhimbi features,

  5. Log into one of the web front end servers, open the SharePoint 2013 management shell as administrator and run the following command:

    Install-SPSolution -Identity muhimbi.pdfconverter.sp2013-2016.wsp -CompatibilityLevel 14 -GACDeployment -Force

  6. Now refresh the site collection feature page in the 2010 template site, you should see the Muhimbi features available over there.

  7. Thoroughly test that all is working as expected.

If you have any questions then please contact our friendly support desk, we love to help.

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