Installing and configuring Ghostscript for PDF Post processing

For most day-to-day operations the Muhimbi PDF Converter does not require any third party software to be installed. However, if you use any of the OCR and PDF/A Archiving Add-On's post processing features then you will need to install Ghostscript alongside the Muhimbi PDF Converter Services.

Starting with version version 8.0 of the PDF Converter, our installer provides the option to automatically download and install Ghostscript. If you are running an older version, or did not select this option during installation, then you can deploy Ghostscript manually.

This requires the following steps:

  1. Download the latest GPL Release from the Ghostscript website. Depending on your hardware and operating system you will need to download either the 32 or 64 bit version. To make use of all the post processing options provided by the PDF Converter professional, download and install Ghostscript 9.07 or later.

  2. Install Ghostscript in a location of your choice on every server that runs the Muhimbi PDF Converter Services. If you accept the default location, or the default location on a different drive, then the Muhimbi PDF Converter will automatically detect Ghostscript’s file path.

  3. If Ghostscript has been installed in a non-standard location, or if you wish to use a specific version of Ghostscript on a system with multiple versions installed, then carry out the followings steps:

    1. Open ‘ Muhimbi.DocumentConverter.Service.exe.config’ in notepad. The file is stored in the same directory where the Muhimbi Conversion Service has been installed in. You can find a shortcut to this folder in the ‘ Muhimbi Document Converter’ group in your start menu.
    2. Search for 'Ghostscript.Path' and enter the path to the Ghostscript executable, including the executable name, e.g. 'E:\Program Files\gs\gs9.04\bin\gswin64c.exe'.
  4. Restart the Muhimbi Conversion Service from the Windows Services Management Console.

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