Configuring the Chromium-Based HTML-to-PDF Converter

As of version 10.3.1 of Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint and Muhimbi PDF Converter Services, it’s possible to use a custom portable Chromium build or the official Chrome application (installed systemwide) for converting HTML files and URLs to PDF.

Chrome (and portable Chromium) version 109 is the last version that still supports Windows Server 2012 R2 or earlier operating systems. In version 10.3.1 of the Muhimbi PDF Converter with default configuration, Chromium v109 is used for Windows Server 2012 R2 or earlier, and Chromium v114 is used for more modern operating systems.

In future versions, the built-in portable Chromium binaries will be removed. You’ll be forced to use the installed Chrome application or download and configure portable Chromium yourself. However, Muhimbi will host an up-to-date version of portable Chromium on its website.

Feel free to try these settings ahead of the removal.

To use the custom portable Chromium build, set the following entries in the configuration file of the conversion service:

Option 1 — Use Custom Portable Chromium

Option 2 — Use the Installed Chrome Application

Default — Use the Built-In Chromium Engine

By default, everything is empty, which means the built-in version of Chromium is used.

Note that only Muhimbi-supplied portable Chromium packages are guaranteed to work with the conversion service. Contact for details and download links.

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