Are PDF Files created by the Muhimbi PDF Converter Searchable / indexable?

When the Muhimbi PDF Converter converts files to PDF format it makes sure that all text in the source document is included to make sure PDF files are fully searchable using PDF Readers and indexable by search engines such as Windows Desktop Search and SharePoint Search (Providing Adobe or Foxit iFilters are installed to extract the content).

Although this generally works very well, there are a few situations where the PDF file cannot be successfully indexed:

  1. The PDF File is secured / encrypted / protected with an 'open' password. The iFilter cannot access the content.
  2. Text in the source document is not 'real text'. For example it is embedded in a scanned bitmap or rendered using free form vector graphics. An OCR facility is available as of version 7.1, this facility can make bitmap based PDF files fully searchable and indexable..

When neither of these situations apply to a file and it still cannot be indexed or searched then try using a different PDF Reader or iFilter.

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