PDF Editor for SharePoint 1.2 Released

Marija Trpkovic

Marija Trpkovic

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PDF Editor


We recently released a new version of PDF Editor for SharePoint Online and On-Premises. With the latest version, you can add real-time watermarks, open PDF files that other users are checking out, improve the visibility of digital signature status, and more. Take a look below at the complete list of new features.

What’s New in Version 1.2?

These are the latest changes in PDF Editor for SharePoint Online and On-Premises.

Digital Signatures Status

Signed documents display a banner about signatures, and users receive a warning when a document is modified.

Annotation Improvements

It’s possible to perform clipboard actions like cutting, copying, pasting, and duplicating annotations using keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, there’s a new undo functionality for annotations, and new annotations are tagged by creation time and username.

PDF Editor Tabs

PDF Editor can now be opened in a new tab.

Unsaved Changes

A warning appears when there are unsaved changes.

Lightweight Co-Authoring

PDF Editor now opens in read-only view if other users are checking out a file. Additionally, it now has the ability to merge changes from different users.

Real-Time Watermarking

If real-time watermarking or securing is enabled, documents open in read-only mode.

Various Bug Fixes

The new version also includes a handful of small fixes to help improve performance.

Start a free trial today to take advantage of our new features in your document management workflows.


Marija Trpkovic

Marija Trpkovic

Product Marketing Manager

Marija is a product marketing manager who likes to launch new products and features and target the right people with them. Outside of work, she likes spending time outdoors with her family and dogs.

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