Muhimbi guarantees

You are considering Muhimbi’s software for your project and you have read the excellent reviews and customer feedback. You now need to determine if it is right for you and your organisation. Your money is on the line, but – probably more importantly – your team’s precious time as well.

No one likes a time waster, which is why we provide a range of no-nonsense guarantees in the following areas:

The entire Muhimbi team - and I personally - stand firmly behind our products, service and guarantees. Contact me directly if you have any questions or remarks regarding our guarantees.


Muhimbi CEO          




Support related guarantees

By offering excellent support we try to make it as easy as possible for our customers. However, this remains a complex field with plenty of challenges, which is why we offer the following guarantees.


We guarantee support you understand, and that understands you

Muhimbi’s support desk is made up of highly qualified people with in-depth knowledge of our products and related technologies. They will work with you to fully understand your question, ask more information if needed, and provide a reply in language that is easy to understand and jargon free.


We guarantee a swift response

Muhimbi’s support desk is available 24x7. We guarantee a response within 1 business day. You will find that typically we respond within the hour.


We guarantee support that sticks with you

Our support desk will assist as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but some problems or questions cannot be answered without an in-depth investigation by Muhimbi’s team or the customer’s team. No matter how long an investigation takes, our support team will be there for you until all questions have been answered and the ticket can be closed.


We guarantee unlimited support calls

For various reasons, some people require more assistance than others, which is why we do not limit the number of support calls customers can make, even during the – non-paid – evaluation phase.



Evaluation and deployment related guarantees

We guarantee fully functional and unlimited trial software

To ensure you can fully test our software without limitations, so you know exactly what you are getting, our trial software does not have any functional limitations. 


We guarantee full support during your evaluation period

During your trial period you will get the same level of support as full customers. That way your evaluating period will be easier, but you can also familiarise yourself with the level of support provided.


We guarantee an easy to install, hands-free system

Muhimbi’s software comes with a fully automated, self-testing, installer and a comprehensive guide for System Administrators. Installation is straight-forward in environments of all sizes. And once installed, just forget about it, the system looks after itself, cleans up after itself, and just runs in the background without the need for manual intervention.

Install, Automate, and Forget ….. it just works.



Productivity related guarantees

We guarantee to save you time

By automating document conversion and document manipulation using Muhimbi’s software, or by utilising Muhimbi’s friendly user interface, we guarantee an increase in productivity.


We guarantee to reduce errors

By automating document conversion and document manipulation using Muhimbi’s software, the human error factor is taken out of the equation, which reduces the number of errors, even of the most disciplined teams.


 😊 We guarantee a reduction of stress and increase in happiness 😊

OK, so we have a sense of humour, but that doesn’t make this any less true. By automating repetitive tasks, people will worry less about errors and have more time to spend on projects that benefit from their expertise and experience. And we all know what that means…. Happiness. 



Pricing and licensing related guarantees

We guarantee the best price

We guarantee that you will get the best price when purchasing via our website, you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else, so no need to waste time by shopping around.


We guarantee simple and fair licensing

For our on-premise software, only Production and Disaster Recovery servers that actually run our software require a license. We will never charge you for your development, test, user acceptance and other non-production environment. And when you have 5 servers or more, we give you an unlimited Enterprise License. 

For our Online software, it doesn’t matter how many users you have. Also, you don’t control the number of servers, so we simply charge per operation carried out, nice and simple.


And finally…


Satisfaction guaranteed

In this day and age this may sound cheesy, but we mean it. Use our fully functional trial and talk to our support desk as much as you need, until you are 100% convinced that our software is right for your project