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andrew.macgregor@scottish.parliament.uk-(3/4/2013, 8:46 AM)
PDF convertor for SharePoint 2013

I understand that you are workingon a new release of your product for 2013 but wondered if you could clarify a few points prior to my purchasing the product.

We currently have a SharePoint 2007 farm with 2 x WFE and I was going to purchase licences for two servers.  We are moving to SharePoint 2013 later this year and we will then have 2 x WFE and 2 x Application servers.  Will I require 2 additional licences for the Application Servers?

Also can you confirm that purchase of the 2007 version will provide a free upgrade to the 2013 version when it is released?

dradford@muhimbi.com-(3/4/2013, 9:47 AM)
RE:PDF convertor for SharePoint 2013


I’d be happy to help you here, but for the best support experience please use support@muhimbi.com as that feeds directly into our support system, is manned by multiple people and your support requests are hidden from the public so we can exchange confidential information.


Yes, we are currently on the Beta of version 7 which includes SharePoint 2013 support, and the release version is due by the end of March.

In the majority of deployement scenarios, yes, you would need need to purchase an additional 2 licenses for the application servers.  We'd be happy to discuss how you are intending to implement the Converter in your environment to confirm the number of licenses you would require.

Yes, the Converter comes with 1 year of Support and Maintenance.  This includes software upgrades.