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  • Lightweight, fast, efficient and easy to install.
  • Native .net application.
  • Compatible with all web based applications.
  • Minimal server requirements.
  • Supports Windows Server 2003/2008, 32/64bit.
  • Compatible with MOSS, WSS & SharePoint 2010
  • Affordable price and flexible licensing.
  • Professional and responsive support desk.
  • Frequent updates & improvements.
  • Includes comprehensive documentation.
  • Includes one year of free upgrades & support.

URL Shortener Key features

  • ‘TinyURL’ like functionality for SharePoint.
  • Supports Workflows as well as friendly GUI.
  • Supports user specified small URLs.
  • Supports unlimited number of Web Applications.
  • Keeps sensitive URLs within the organisation.
  • Integrates directly with the user’s clipboard.
  • Accessible via a Web Services based interface.
  • No ambiguous characters such as o, O, 0, i, l, 1.
  • Integrates with any list item’s context menu.
  • Supports http, https, ftp, mailto and javascript.
  • Localised in multiple languages.

Fully localised in English German French Dutch Dutch